Read Helgeson's rant at the PBS Religion and Ethics Weekly Feedback

From: CEvans1950
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 01:57:02 EDT
Subject: Over the top


Read Helgeson's rant at the PBS Religion and Ethics Weekly Feedback under the science and religion question and you will see why I felt obliged to send a fairly wild-eyed message to him.

Perhaps messages of this sort should be sent to religious-psychotics on an ongoing basis. They are, indeed, mental cases and need to be warned against spreading their illness, They are to beheld accountable for their actions but it is inherently unfair to hold them accountable until after they have been notified and made aware of their illness.

Like any other child-molester, they are most likely unaware of the wrongness of their actions... but like any other child-molester once caught and admonished they have no excuse if they continue their predations.


From: CEvans1950
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 01:33:22 EDT

Dear Mr. Helgeson,

It is apparent that you are a compartmentalized psychotic. I do not offer this opinion as an insult in any way. You wholeheartedly believe an entirely false religion solely because you were conditioned as a child to believe it. Actual physical/chemical pathways were burned into your brain by your religious masters. You are a mental defective amd have a inescapable duty to avoid all contact with children of any age since this psychosis can be induced in children as is evidenced by your transparently obvious illness.

I bear you no ill-will but it is immoral beyond comprehension for children to suffer the affliction you are doomed to live with. You are in the position of a molested person who in turn molests children... in one sense you are blameless because your brain-damage was beyond your control. Your are now, I assume, an adult though and bear responsibility for your actions ... however blameless you may be for your affliction. Like "Typhoid Mary" you are a blameless carrier of communicable illness and have an inescapable duty to prevent the spread of the disease you label "Catholicism".

I live in the only majority Catholic state in the nation and it is also the most corrupt state in the nation, Rhode Island. This is no coincidence. The mentally ill are unable to conform their conduct to the rule of law or of god and RI is a prime example. Every place on earth where Catholic culture prevails is an unspeakable hell of chaos and/or injustice. Look to South America and Rhode Island as examples. You are possesed by insane beliefs, probably irretrievably ... do not spread the madness!

This is NOT an insult... this is the only way I can think of to try to save you... I have taken holy vows to save all sentient beings... and you are one... I offer you enlightenment and thus salvation not the unspeakably insane horror that passes for the "religion" of Catholicism. It isn't even Christianity... much less sanity.


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