Jesus walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. The parrot says to the bartender, "RAWWWK, gimme a beer." The bartender says, "That's amazing! Where did you get him?" The parrot says, "RAWWWK, Jerusalem."

Pages with the graphic are Mariner's Ministries pages. The pages marked with the are HolySmoke pages. These pages represent the opinions of their various authors, and readers must exercise critical thinking when reading them. None of these files are presented as factual by Shy David: accept or reject them as you see fit, research them or not, as you see fit.

Many of these pages are humorous. Most are sarcastic. If you are a timid little Fundamentalist Theist, you will probably be offended. That's the authors' whole point: if the truth offends one, maybe one should reconsider ones beliefs and prejudices.

"In our society generally, politeness dictates a certain show of respect for anything religious. At a meeting, when somebody says, 'let us pray,' heads generally nod; in public, when somebody shares his beliefs, one nods again out of good manners; on one's doorstep, when somebody interrupts dinner to offer a copy of Watchtower, one is supposed to refuse politely, restraining one's impulse to disembowel the jerk where he stands. Believers are so used to this automatic deference, so accustomed to supposing it to be their due, that they tend often to be quite shocked at what they see when they show up on HolySmoke.

"HolySmoke ain't polite." -- Don Martin

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