Quentin Explains The Cosmic Star Goat

By Quentin Fai

Ric Remington queried:

Who or what is Star goat?

Quentin Fai explained:

You haven't heard of the Great Mutant Cosmic Star Goat? (Braise His Mane!) Well, He is the One who is really responsable for the creation of the universe. Fifteen minutes ago, He blinked, and the universe was created. He gave His only beGoaten son, Billy, to fry on the Holy Bar-B- Que Pit for our sins. Beware of Fluffy, the Evil Anti-Goat. He will try to deceive you from the One True Goat. Fluffy takes on the form of a sheep.

If you refuse to accept Billy's free gift of salvation, your immortal soles, corns and all, will be eaten by the Star Goat. There, they will stew in the Holy Bile for all eternity. The righteous shall spend eternity in the Happy Dumping Grounds, eating all the tasty garbage they want.

At first, I was an unbeliever, and thought the Restored Church of the Mutant Cosmic Star Goat was silly, but I had a vision one day after much fasting and praying. The Star Goat revealed Himself to me. Now, I know what the One True Religion is.

What's the matter... you don't believe me? Why not? List your reasons.

And remember, any reason you use to prove the church I belong to is a false one can be used to prove that your church is a false one, too.

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