Don Martin and Marty Leipzig confess
to being bashers of nonsense.

From: Marty Leipzig
To: Don Martin
Subj: Re: "Moral and Just" war

DM> As I have shamefacedly admitted in the past, it's nothing to be
DM> proud of, but I just can't help myself.
DM> My name is Don, and I am a basher of fundies. I used to think I
DM> could quit any time, that I only needed to pick off one or two to be
DM> satisfied for a week. But once I started, the appetite grew. First a
DM> little Stringfellow. Then a Savelli. Then so many intellectually
DM> pathetic dipshits that I couldn't even remember their names. I TRIED
DM> to cut down. I stopped reading posts by those too fookin' stupid to
DM> even be able to comprehend my insults, but then I found their
DM> straightlines as quoted by others irresistible and harpooned them
DM> THAT way. I can't bring myself to quit HolySmoke cold turkey without
DM> the help of some Higher Power, and being an atheist, I have real
DM> problems with this Higher Power crap . . . .

Amen, brother!

They say confession is good for the soul. Being an atheist and therefore bereft of a soul, one immediately sees the inherent quandary. But, what the hell, I'll feel better.

My name is Marty, and I too, like our illustrious author of the missive immediately above, am an unrepentant fundy basher. Just as some people feel compelled to rubberneck terrible traffic accidents, purchase police scanners to vicariously hear of other's misfortunes or stomp some clod's foot protruding into the aisle in a particularly crowded airline flight; I am possessed by the unrelenting desire, nay, compulsion, to help certain people who are consumed by the passion to make idiots of themselves, either personally or in international electronic fora.

When some "person" proudly proclaims that "man evolved from apes"; I see this as nothing more than a plaintive cry for self-immolation. When they claim that there's "boats in dem dere hills"; again, the pitiful cry of a person desperate to be martyred, but without the genetic or intellectual horsepower to carry it out themselves. When they spew plaintive Bible verses to document everything from their own particularly skewed, and oftimes hallucinatory, view of morality to make an attempt at justification of atrocities, injustices and just plain antisociality; they are merely whining, in their own bizarre and stridulatory manner, for someone to come along and humiliate them with a blizzard of fact, logic and reason.

And yet some would go so far to condemn my actions.

I see it as preforming a service to these benighted individuals; a sort of an electronic version of Dr. Kevorkian.

If these people didn't wish to suffer the sling and arrows of outrageous castigation, why then would the parade around these echos cleverly camouflaged in the verbal equivalent of international orange accouterments decorated with a large concentric bulls-eyes?

Just another service provided free with your subscription to "HolySmoke: Building better roadkill along the Information Superhighway."

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