Handbook about Demon Possession, For Human Service Workers

Are you a silly loony who believes there are such things as "demons" who "posess" humans? If so, you'll find the following "book" a "must read." (ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!!)

Or do you realize there is no such thing as "demons?" If that is the case, you may still enjoy the tracts as a form of entertainment.

The author is clearly demented, and a brain-dead fruit-loop: his writing is so insane, one might at first believe he is merely being a comic out to parody the Jesusphiles. After one reads the tracts, one comes to think the freak actually believes what he has written. The following is from the author's web site, plus a link to that web site.

A DiskBook by J. F. Cogan


* * * Must reading for people in the following jobs:

Case Workers, Church Workers, Correction Officers, Defense Attorneys, District Attorneys, Guidance Counselors, Investigative Reporters, Judges, Members of Juries, Parents, Parole Officers, Police Detectives, Police Officers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Radio and TV Talk Show Hosts, Reporters for Broadcast and Print Media, School Board Members, School Administrators, School Psychologists, Scout Leaders, Social Workers, Students, Teachers, Theology Professors and Students

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