pages with the graphic are Mariner's Ministries pages. The pages marked with the are HolySmoke pages. These pages represent the opinions of their various authors, and readers must exercise critical thinking when reading them. None of these files are presented as factual by Shy David: accept or reject them as you see fit, research them or not, as you see fit.

You will find Biblical scholarship here; you will also find treatise on Biblical subjects. Higher Criticism in the West is usually applied to the Bible since it is a critique of Christianity: it may also apply to any and all religions and holy books, and not just to the Bible and the Christian cult.

Valid criticism of theology includes exposing the hypocracy of those who claim a particular theology. Castigating evil, and then engaging in evil, is behavior valid for criticism: one generally finds theists who claim "moral superiority" with their mouths, but fail to walk the talk.

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