Christian Insecurity Of Criticism

10-29-95 @ 08:57
By Ryan Shaw

George Pope rationalized with:

My "stereotyping and generalizations" as you say were all well-founded on publically available messages/threads right here in this echo... I was addressing a specific group of people, characterized by certain traits.

Ryan Shaw replied:

Those traits being concern for the feelings of others, correct? You think that the people you targeted the original message to lacked a concern for the feelings of others.

Perhaps we should examine the Christian side of things on this very same issue. There are Christians who think that they are doing good by standing on a corner spewing hate, 'warning' gays that they will burn in hell unless they change who they are. These same Christians are not concerned with the feelings of others, they are only concerned with spewing their hate under the guise of good intentions, only they don't hide it all that well. There are also Christians that put down any other belief system outside of Christianity as somewhat of a false belief system without concern for the feelings of those that hold those 'false' belief systems. There are also Christians that are quoted in today's paper as saying that they can see the 'evilness in the eyes of the university students and tell that they are unbelievers'. While this makes me laugh, it could hurt someone else's feelings.

I could go on.

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