Clergy Abuse

This human world of ours would be inconceivable without the practical existence of a religious belief." (pp152, Mein Kampf, Adolph Hitler, 1930)
This Page includes not just abuse by clergy, but also abuse by religious fanatics in general. The horror of the Crusades, Inquisitions, and Holocaust were not included.
  1. Churches shift abuse defenses
  2. Beating The Devil, Article Number One
  3. Beating The Devil, Article Number Two
  4. Naked preacher accepts gift of rv from God
  5. Cops Chase Car, Find 20 Nude People
  6. Gunmen for Christ
  7. Assemblies of God and Child Abuse
  8. Survivors of clergy sex abuse bring support network to S.F.
  9. Lawyer seeks dismissal of molest rap
  10. Church pays $500,000 in alleged[sic] sex abuses
  11. Church's price for priest sex cases: $300,000
  12. Clergy sexual abuse
  13. Buried rage
  14. Whistle-blower priest says he "paid price' for talking
  15. S.F. Archdiocese facing new molestation lawsuit
  16. Episcopal Church says ex-treasurer took millions
  17. High court asked to reverse limit on molestation cases
  18. Priest arrested in child molestations
  19. Man held in shooting of 3 girls, their mom
  20. S.F. pastor quits as sex misconduct claim levied
  21. Norman Rockwell meets hell
  22. Ex-California Priest Faces Molest Charges
  23. Molest Charges Against S.F. Priest / Ex-pastor of St. Cecilia's posts bail
  24. Greed Led to Molest Suit, Priest Says
  25. Archbishop Quinn of S.F. To Resign. His successor is a conservative
  26. Archdiocese's Fraud Suit Leaves Parishioners Dissatisfied
  27. Molest charges against former pastor dropped
  28. NORTH BAY / Parolee Sentenced In Slaying of Gay Priest
  29. Sect Defends Decision to Ordain Accused Minister / But leaders denounce violence
  30. Experts Warn of Small Sects' Dangers
  31. Family values leader accused of abuse and neglect
  32. Lessons not learned from Waco
  33. Sect puzzles Japan -- and us
  34. New unity on Jonestown memorial plan
  35. Clergymen face background checks
  36. Church sued for damages in molest cases
  37. Catholic bishops condemn pedophilia
  38. What to Do When Priests Stray
  40. Orphans tortured by nuns for 90 years
David Samarzia, 44, who won a $650,000 judgment against the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Duluth, Minn., as damages for being molested as a kid by former pastor Daniel Reeb, told reporters in February that since the church cannot pay the judgment, he most likely would take over the house of worship himself as payment and turn it into a place to help other sex abuse victims.

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