Stuart Lumgair On Being "Good" Without Gods

Date: 10-28-95 @ 03:23
Al Schroeder suggested:

The usual, Stuart. Whatever differences we might have otherwise, anyone who is against bigotry, prejudice and blanket assumptions is on my side, and I think the other two's side also. Whether they be pagan, atheist, agnostic, or believers in the Tooth Fairy.

Stuart Lumgair replied:

Whatever may be said in HS, I think that quite a few of us find theistic beliefs / nonbeliefs to be less than the final word in deciding whether or not someone is a "good" person. We have strong beliefs about certain issues which we feel are fairly important, and regardless of how one came to a similar belief, we find we have a common goal. When we find that we have enough similarities we judge each other to be reasonable people with a few minor quirks (bfg)

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