"Trying to Make a Difference"

By Don Martin

Who ignores the likes of Paul Hill, a committed Christian "trying to make a difference"? Who ignores the various "Family" groups in Colorado and Oregon, busy trying to drum homosexuals out of the human race? They are certainly "trying to make a difference." Who ignores the Christians in Kentucky who check `naughty' books out of the library and do not return them? Who can deny that they are "trying to make a difference." Who ignores the friendly folks in Virginia, overwhelmingly Christians, who seek to place an admitted felon and perjurer, Oliver North, in the U.S. Senate where he can work his magic on all of us? Are they not "trying to make a difference." Who ignores the "stealth" candidates in California, who work at getting elected to school boards by concealing their Christian agenda by evasion, silence or outright lying, so that they can impose that agenda on the young from a position of power. They, too, are "trying to make a difference." I only wish we COULD ignore the Christians "trying to make a difference," but we dare not turn our backs on the vile bastards.

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