Larry Sites on Hislop

By Larry Sites

Judith Bandsma wrote:

Though the name of their gods were changed Hislop believes that the Druids practices were rooted in Baal worship, which is condemned in the Bible.

Larry Sites replied:

This book was quoted to me on more than one occasion, so I got it from the library and looked at it some time back. The complete title is _The Two Babylons, or the Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and his Wife_. It is true to it's authors name: Hi Slop. It was first published in the 1850's. The 3rd edition preface includes a testimony by Edward Joshua Cooper Esq, died 1863, astronomer who found the "planet Metis", and claimed to have verified 240 of the references used which include 18 European operas!

The authors lack of scholarship should be evident from his assertation above regarding the derivation of the word cannibal. The cd _Infopedia_ documents the source thus:

can-ni-bal\'ka-ne-bel\n[NL Canibalis Carib, fr. Sp Canibal, fr. Taino Caniba, of Cariban origin; akin to Carib kari'na Carib, person](1553) : one that eats the flesh of its own kind

CARIB, tribe of native American Indians of the Cariban linguistic stock, occupying various regions of South and Central America. The Carib, who probably originated in the valley of the Orinoco River, were noted for their ferocity. The tribe practiced cannibalism (q.v.); in fact, the word cannibal is derived from the Spanish term for these Indians, canibales. During the late 15th century the Carib inhabited most of the islands of the Lesser Antilles and the coast of what is now Venezuela.

HiSlop's whole thrust seems to be to demonize the catholic church. While it may have sounded quite authoritative and well researched to his audience of 150 years ago, his arguments are based almost exclusively upon wishfull thinking and the use of similar sounding names to "prove" connections.

On page 37, he claims that the American indian buffalo dance with it's horned head is evidence of "Satyric" dance being wide-spread from Nimrod's Babylon. On page 231, he equates Nimrod to the Horned One to Kronos and says he ate his own sons. On pages 177, 179, he equates worship of the bones of martyrs and saints including those of Buddha to the tragic death story of Osiris and claims that Nimrod and Osiris are also one and the same.

On page 25, he makes a tangled equation that my notes barely convey any more. Somehow Her-mes is Mercury, Horus is the sun. Mes means son, Her is the same as biblical Ham or Khem, therefor his son, Cush is the burnt one. On page 63, he claims that the biblical Shem is Hercules who killed Nimrod. This association he makes without bothering to make ANY justification.

Other flights of fantasy include asserting that all ancient religions, including Hindu are monotheistic. On page 14, 15 he says that Brahm is from the Hebrew Rahm meaning merciful or compassionate one, womb or bowels as compassion seat. That Er-Rahman means all merciful to Turks, therefore they used to know he is "a just God and a Saviour". Moreover since they knew the meaning of Brahm as god, "we see how exactly their religious knowledge as to the creation had coincided with the account of the origin of all things, as given in Genesis".

All in all this tripe which the fundis are fond to quote against the catholics should more accurately be called HiSlop's Fables: The Too Babble

On, or Babble Worship Proved to be the Source of Wishfull Thinking and Alice in Wonderland Logic.

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