Liar Assholton And Diseases: Pathological Nutcase!

From: Preston Simpson
To: Jan Deboer
With: Liar Assholton (Laurie Appleton)

>LA> The control of diseases therefore, is to attend to the
>LA> chemical balance of the body so that it does NOT provide
>LA> a suitable breeding ground for bacteria (germs).

JD> So, tell us the correct chemical balance so the body does
JD> not support
JD> 1. Ebola
JD> 2. Rabies
JD> 3. Cholera
JD> 4. HIV
JD> 5. Chicken Pox
JD> 6. Alzheimers
JD> 7. Diabetes I
JD> 8. Flesh-eating disease
JD> 9. Polio

In many cases, the correct chemical balance involves rather more chlorine than the body is used to (bleach will do nicely). This treatment is frowned upon since it tends to leave the patient at room temperature.

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