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massgrav.htm Police Handcuff Minton for shooting at OSA operatives in NH
aclu-txt.htm American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
apple06.htm Recently I asked my wife if she believed in the existence of Satan
barry.htm These are actual quotes taken from Mayor Marion Barry
belief2.htm Do beliefs require proof to be valid?
believ1.htm Belief is defined variously as....
boylan.htm My Encounter With Grey Space Aliens
flaters.htm Scientific Creationism, Geocentricity, and the Flat Earth
infidel.htm Texas preacher's politicking could cause church to lose its tax exemption
cancer.htm Sick boy will not go back to his parents
childnap.htm Killing kids for Christ
clark2.htm Introduction from Arthur C. Clark
crex.htm Creationist techniques
homer.htm Do we have over 5,000 manuscripts to establish the New Testament?
godswill.htm GOD'S WILL
dar-1997.htm Darwin winner for 1997 announced
df-sex.htm Notes I took the day after DF '92
geo-nut.htm Dr. Winder is a retired geologist with far too much time on his hands
elephant.htm Of Elephans and Mammoths
rit-lft.htm Christians will settle for escape
retards.htm Creationist Retards (Redundant)
rape33.htm Former minister sentenced after pleading guilty to rape
plot2.htm Clearwater Sun, 22Jan84: Feds eye alleged plot to corrupt U.S. judge
old-age.htm Shit, you called me away from Happy Hour for this?
nanny.htm Scientology cult creates censorship softwear
logo-net.htm YUPpy Lexicon
yhwh.htm Yahweh apologizes???
tripe.htm Earth is thousands, not millions, of years old
sieze.htm Feds have trouble evicting con artist inmate's followers
sch14.htm How long, oh Lord, will schools force their students to pray?
loony0.htm Charred Flesh Heals in 45 Minutes!
xena-war.htm WAR AND PEACE: From The Bitter Suite: A Musical Odyssey
attorny.htm "God is my attorney"
discount.htm Pain was in tents.
greeks.htm Ancient atheist Greeks #2
homosex.htm Studies Discover Clues to the Roots of Homophobia
jesus.htm Christ Annouces Hiring Associate Christ
ky.htm 'Special rights' for homosexuals?!
larger.htm Lager Prayer
nutcase.htm Black Ku Klux Klan Kult
plato.htm Ancient atheist Greeks
reggie.htm Occult Remarks by Reggie White to the Wisconsin State Assembly
sagan2.htm Real True Atheists
stupid.htm Jimmy Swaggart
train.htm Hell-Bound Train
clinton.htm An evolutionary explanation for President Clinton
failed98.htm Failed Psychic Predictions for 1998
hate-cri.htm Local Loon Speaks Out
m-strain.htm "The Miracle Strain" by Michael Cordy
wwjd.htm What Would Jesus Do?
arch-dru.htm Challenging the Arch Druid
assholes.htm Free Online Book - Spiritual in Nature
atone.htm Theological engineering exam 101
balance.htm Balanced Treatment For Creationism NOW!
bounoure.htm Laurie Appleton Caught In Yet Another Lie!
business.htm Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do
church.htm 'tain't safe to go to church
clintn1.htm The president is guilty of everything
cos-xenu.htm Scientology Leader Dave Coleslaw Dead at 65
crossed.htm Baltimore church may have crossed tax-law line
cy-sitte.htm Cyber-Sitter is anti-Wiccan, anti-Pagan, anti-religious freedom, anti-free speech
dethbed.htm Quix for God-Believers
dildo.htm God, sexual hypocrisy and the Alabama dildo law
disease.htm Liar Assholton And Diseases: Pathological Nutcase!
dollar.htm Prayer don't work because....
essay2.htm Marty Leipzig Writes to Dr. Winder up in Ontario.
evo0.htm Liar Appleton Lies Again; Wesley Corrects Him Again.
flatnuts.htm I think the Flat-Earth Society still exists.
fmsf.htm Criminal Trial: False Memory Syndrome Foundation Helps
fnord.htm The Poem: Fnord
gadwin.htm Child-sex suspect found dead
god-ms.htm Microsoft Sells God: Customer Satisfaction Form
god-test.htm Isn't god supposed to be an omniscient being?
hell-10.htm The new tenth circle of Hell finally open!
honesty.htm Honesty strikes again
hs-pome.htm Holysmoke Sing-a-long!
jap-waco.htm Insanity of Cult Apologists
ken-yng.htm Sayings of Chairman Ken Young, Fundamentalist Braindead
la.htm The Pathological Liar: Laurie Appleton
marty10.htm New Chinese homonid?
mcbeal.htm The Catholic League protests tonight's 'Ally McBeal'
moishe.htm Pope Contest
morehate.htm Hate Literature: 'Wicca & Satanism & the Way Out'
ms.htm 5,000 Manuscripts of the New Testament? NOPE!
not-bill.htm Divine Press Release. Is it just Clinton or?
pe003.htm PE and transitionals
personal.htm The real meaning behind the abbreviations in personal ads
priest.htm "Somebody get me a priest!"
proof.htm A Guide to Formal Proof Methods for Creation "Scientists"
psy-test.htm Tampa Bay Skeptics "$1,000 Challenge"
psycho.htm Antisocial Personality Disorder
scab.htm Church run hospital wants religious exemption to scab
science.htm Hofstadter on popular attitudes toward science
sex-gov.htm The Business of Governmen
sheep.htm A missionary gets sent into deepest darkest Africa
skep.htm Marty and the UFO Nut
stern.htm Excerpt from the AFA (American Family Association) page
theomec.htm Theodynamics and Theomechanics
todeath.htm His family called in their preacher to pray for him.
tuberc.htm Scientists map tuberculosis genome
ufonut8.htm UFO's are for real Rod
unplesa.htm The Unpleasant Personality of Jesus Christ
voucher.htm Wisconsin supreme court upholds religious school voucher plan
what-is.htm Review: What is Creation Science[sic]?
winder.htm Winder's early this year

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