Child-sex suspect found dead

"The Courier Mail" 11/11/98
Reprinted without permission
by Paula Doneman

A former Christian brother under police investigation for alleged child-sex offences is believed to have committed suicide on an isolated bush road on Brisbane`s northern outskirts.

Ferny Grove police last night said they found a suicide note on Saturday detailing the circumstances of the man, John Gadwin.

But despite extensive ground searches they failed to find Gadwin until yesterday, when a police helicopter located himin his car on the edge of Brisbane Forest Park. Police believe he gassed himself on Saturday. A coroner was called to the scene yesterday morning.

Police sources said Gadwin, 65, was being investigated by detectives from Taskforce Argos over child-sex offences committed at least 30 years ago. The sources also said Argos detectives had recently interviewed Gadwin.

A spokeswoman for the Christian Brothers said Gadwin had left the clergy more than 20 years ago. Argos detectives had approached the brothers twice for details of the man`s whereabouts and history with the church.

The spokeswoman also said the nature of the investigations and allegations were not disclosed to the Christian Brothers and they had fully co-operated with police.

Catholic Church sources said last night that Gadwin was with the Christian Brothers at Gympie* between 1957 and 1962 and had taught boys at Brisbane`s St Columban`s boys` school in the mid-1970s.

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