Excerpt from the AFA (American Family Association) page

Excerpt from the AFA (American Family Association) page about Stern - This is a fucking RIOT!


A young mother from Richmond, Virginia, shared the following thoughts in an interview with Bill Johnson, for the AFA of Michigan's weekly radio broadcast, the American Family Report.

Johnson: How does the Howard Stern Show influence people negatively?

Y.M.: Repeatedly people will call up and say due to the Howard Stern Show they tried lesbian acts ... cause he glorifies that so much. And so here we've got high school and college girls listening to this broadcast and then saying maybe this is what I need to try. Maybe because I'm unfulfilled it's because I need to be a lesbian. I mean I've heard that numerous times.

Also, he'll (Stern) have people call up who are on drugs and the glorification of drugs.

He did one week of incest and how wonderful incest was.

This impacts our community. It impacts our children. It impacts our future elders of the church. Your whole community suffers from this. Several weeks ago the Howard Stern Show aired a satire featuring a seven year old using a chain saw on himself accompanied by sound effects.


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