Charred Flesh Heals in 45 Minutes!

From: Dave Oldridge
To: Jan Deboer

>>DO> Healed entirely so that you couldn't see where it had
>>DO> been (the flesh was actually charred to begin with).
>>DO> And in just about 45 minutes.

>JD> That's nuthin - I accidentally cut off my leg with a
>JD> chainsaw, and it grew back in twenty minutes. I cut
>JD> another cord of wood while it was regrowing, too!
>JD> Wanna see the scar?

DO> Yeah, right. So you don't believe me. You know what?
DO> I don't care. It's your loss, not mine. When you
DO> disbelieve the truth, it's ALWAYS your loss. Just as
DO> when you believe a lie.
DO> Look I don't KNOW why these things don't work on
DO> demand, but they don't. However, if you poke around
DO> long enough with an OPEN mind, you will see some of
DO> it for yourself. And only a certain amount of it can
DO> be attributed to placebo effect.
DO> Dave Oldridge **

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