UFO's are for real Rod

From: Shane Coleman
To: Rod Swift

-=> Quoting Rod Swift to Richard Smith <=-

RS> We got some "UFO's are real" crackpot claiming "he has
RS> evidence" and you can pay "$34 a ticket" to see this US
RS> nut. What a crock. Only one step up from a religious scam.

UFO's are for real Rod, I know because I have spoken to an Alien from Alpha-Centuri. It told me that they have come to free humanity from the bourgeois tyrants that are oppressing us.

How do I know that what I saw was real and not an hulicination? Because I have verified my encounter with thousands of other people who have experianced the same thing, as well, what it told me can be verified with the Bible. Indeed only a time travelling Alien could have showen and told me things from the time of Jesus (who by the way is another time travelling Alien, I know I have spoken with him as well).

There you go Rod, irrifutable evidence.

All you so called skeptics we be pleased to know that the Comrades from outer space are going to start the revolution in the year 2000.

Can you prove that Aliens arn't revolutionaries from outer space? No. Can you prove that Aliens arn't going to free us from the rich? No.

I have yet more proof, my friend Jim saw me talking with the Aliens, and Jim can verify what I have said, and Jim never lies. Isn't that right Jim?

JIM> Yes Shane, your absolutley correct I never tell lies, and I verify what you have said.

If you skeptics doubt our beret wearing revolutionary friends from outer space they shall set fire to you with their ray guns.

Also I know lots of millionairs that agree with me, now why would people who have the smarts to amass fortunes believe in what I say if it wern't true eh?

C'mon skeptics believe in the Aliens, wouldn't you like to see the poor saved? The poor are suffering they need the Aliens, you want to help the poor don't you?


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