Prayer don't work because....

From: Judith Bandsma

Local station has decided that everyone needs a good excuse to puke up their lunch and is showing Creflo Dollar at noon.

This weeks' sermons have been about WHY your prayers don't get answered. Did you know that it's because Satan (or maybe Steve ASSher, if there's a difference) is jamming your frequencies and god can't hear you.

(I was waiting for him to suggest tin foil helmets)

The solution to this problem is to 'pray in tongues' and then the devil won't even know you are praying and you will get what you pray for... even if it's a promotion, better health or Xena to sit on your face. You just gotta fool the devil into thinking you aren't praying at all or scramble your prayer so he can't understand it.

CREFLO DOLLAR????? Good grief. What's next?

I'm starting to seriously consider buying some canvas and hitting the road again. Get the act back together. Anybody out there play the tambourine? <G>

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