Holysmoke Sing-a-long!

Don Martin Richard Smith God Dan Marty Leipzig

DM> Ministers go to twice the trouble
DM> To uphold their standards double.
ML> But they do more than people lay,
ML> They've a God to help them prey.
RS> And accountants to help them spend
RS> The tithe on all the souls they `mend.'
ML> With the ICR, with Morris and Gish,
ML> Demonstrating their creation wish.
RS> Promising truth through Jesus' hands
RS> while still lying across the lands
ML> Claiming to help all God's people,
ML> They give the shaft, but keep the steeple.
RS> And if you resent their graceless shove,
RS> Just remember: it's their God's love.
DM> A God so vile he never needs
DM> Those WOAs[1] with no good deeds.
RS> Who never tithe or sup the blood
RS> Who laugh derisively about the flood.
DM> They break the myst'ry's rapt suspense
DM> With raucous cries for "evidence,"
DM> And when with chapter/verse supplied,
DM> Proclaim they are not satisfied--
DM> Not even with the Word Of God!
DM> (They call the Book a pious fraud
DM> Better into fire hurled
DM> When unconfirmed by real world.)

[1] Wicked Old Atheists

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