Reverend James Dobson
A New Hitler For The Twenty-First Century

Adolph Hitler: The Role Model Of Reverend James Dobson

"The folkish-minded man, in particular, has the sacred duty, each in his own denomination, of making people stop just talking superficially of God's will, and actually fulfill God's will, and not let God's word be desecrated.

"For God's will gave men their form, their essence, and their abilities. Anyone who destroys His work is declaring war on the Lord's creation, the divine will. Therefore, let every man be active, each in his own denomination if you please, and let every man take it as his first and most sacred duty to oppose anyone who in his activity by word or deed steps outside the confines of his religious community and tries to butt into the other." -- Adolf Hitler, from Mein Kampf, translation by Ralph Mannheim.


Reverend James Dobson: The New Adolph Hitler "In my general letter last month, to which many of you responded [i.e. $$$], I tried to illustrate how radically we have departed from the values and beliefs of our founding fathers. Most of their public policy decisions were in harmony with the scriptures, which established our nation on the bedrock of eternal truth.

"Unfortunately, those spiritual concepts on which the new nation was built are being superseded now by philosophies and judgments that are rooted in atheism[sic]. The God of the Bible has been removed from every vestige of public life, as though He were a cancerous growth that threatened the life of the organism. Our public policy decisions increasingly reflect the humanistic and pagan[sic] notions of the day. This transformation is occurring, not by the will of the people who remain overwhelmingly religious, but by our elected representatives and by liberal judges who seem determined to recast society in their own image." -- James Dobson, from a letter begging for even more money.

Today, here in the late 1990s, we find another Hitler want-to-be named Reverend James Dobson, who embodies every trait that all of the other tin-plated tyranical demagogues have posessed, using every "tried and true" method for gaining political power: the vilification of minorities, whom he blames for the many social problems the United States of America faces; the maligning of everyone who looks different than he does; the denigration everyone who believes differently than he does. Plus, like all the other tyrants in the past, Reverend James Dobson pretends to speak for God.

The chances are excellent that Reverend James Dobson has contempt and loathing for you: if you have an opinion different than his; if you worship God in a slightly different way than he does; if your skin tone is not like his; if you do not have a penis.... it is the belief of Reverend James Dobson that you do not know what is best for yourself and your community, but he, and only he, does.

Ignore for the moment the fact that America's "founding fathers" were mostly atheists, Humanists, and Diests who loathed and dispised Christianity, even though most of them belonged (but did not attend) State churches. Even if Reverend James Dobson's lie that the founders were neo-fascist Fundamentalist Christians such as himself was true, that does not mean America should become the theocracy Reverend James Dobson desires.

If one wishes to see the results of Reverend James Dobson's plans for America, one need only look at the nation of Iran: there one will see the future of Reverend James Dobson's dreams. Freedom to worship as one please will be revoked, and the "real, true" version of Christianity will be inflicted upon the citizenry--- if not overtly, then covertly via "school vouchers," "equal time" for Creationism occult beliefs, and "school prayer."

Reverend James Dobson used his political influence (i.e. $$$) to PREVENT the password blocking of "900 number" so-called "phone sex" phone numbers. Now, "thanks" to Reverend James Dobson, children may call these numbers and listen to "phone sex" without parental knowledge--- something the password system would have prevented, if only Reverend James Dobson had not fought against the password plan.

Why did Reverend James Dobson oppose password protection against so-called "phone sex" phone numbers? That's obvious: the password system would have put the supervision of a family's children squarely in the hands of the parents and not in the hands of Reverend James Dobson and his cult, where he wants it most. You see, along with Reverend James Dobson's other beliefs about people different than him, he also believes you and almost every other American are not competent enough to raise your children: he wants that to be his job, not yours.

(About Reverend James Dobson, Focus on the Family and Reverend Dobson's unfair business practices and unfair employment practices.)
"Focus On The Family" is predicated on Reverend James Dobson's belief that you are not qualified to raise your children, but he, and only he, is. I urge you to read some of his books and listen to some of his tapes: you will discover that this is his belief.
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