"Evolutionary theory does not say what is right and what is wrong, but merely what has happened." -- Marty Leipzig
It has been 139 years since Charles Darwin published On The Origin Of Species, and yet there are still people who haven't gotten the news that life on Earth evolves and evolved. The fact that evolution occured and occurs is supported by nearly every contemporary natural science: physics, chemistry, geology, cosmology, palenotology, genetics, and of course biology. Evolutionary theory, which describes evolution, is so well established as factual that it has banished any and all competing theories: all contenders have fallen into the ignominy of disproof or dismissal because of a paucity of evidence.

That is not to say that evolutionary theory cannot or will not be replaced with something better some day: that can still happen, though it is extreamly unlikely. But whatever may replace contemporary evolutionary theory will have to include the fact that evolution occured and occurs. Evolution is a fact: evolutionary theory describes that fact. The two (evolution and evolutionary theory) are not the same thing.

I have 27,295 text files on my home computer that discourse on the sciences, the humanities, politics, social sciences, art, music. 8.45 per cent of them (2,307 files) relate only to the evolutionary sciences and the anti-science, anti-intellectual dogma called "Creationism." It is therefore not easy to select which ones to present on my WWW site, considering the limit on disk space allotted to me. Therefore this note: the subject is no where near adequately discussed on this, Shy David's WWW site! The Talk.Origins Archive is the place to go for anyone interested in this subject. The Talk Origins Archive web server includes a search engine for their site, to allow viewers to quickly find what they are looking for. Or read the newsgroup talk.origins.

What are the chonces of a human evolving and let's say for the sake of nonsense that one did evolve, what are the chances of two evolving ?...and futher what are the chances of that second one being of the opposite sex? --- Ron Stringfellow, Creationist

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