Past President John F. Kennedy Is The Anti-Christ!

No, really he is! And please note I wrote "IS," not "WAS." You see, John Kennedy is still alive (fooled yah, didn't he?!) and plotting world domination with Henry Kissinger and Satan. Don't say you weren't warned, now!


John F. Kennedy will publicly reappear, amaze the world, take world power, and is in fact the "beast" of the Revelation.

I've spent considerable time and energy distributing the prophetic warning that has come to your attention. I would not do this if I did not expect to see the event come to pass.

If you believed your neighbors house was on fire, would you warn him? --- John Prewett

To make us poor sinners confident that we understand him, John has been kind enough to make himself very clear:
For any new lurker who does not know what I have repeatedly posted re: Vatican, Kissinger, and JFK, here it is in short form:

Vatican perfectly fulfills the Revelation chapters 17 & 18 description of the "great whore"

Kissinger calculates to "666", and

Kissinger will be the "right-hand-man" to JFK.

JFK will publically reappear and take world power.

JFK is the final, supreme "beast" of the Revelation.

Do you STILL believe John is pulling our legs? Here is another message from John, warning us again of the impending danger:
I don't expect anyone to believe me UNTIL JFK publically reappears (JFK was not dead and was not buried).

Even after JFK reappears and takes over,
with Kissinger as JFK's "right hand man",
Most people won't believe me.
Most people will continue to reject Jesus Christ and His Revelation,

Even though everyone is being and will be warned:
Most people will hate we who warn them.
Most people will love and worship the "beast",
Most people will accept the "mark" and
Most people will then spend eternity in torment.

As per the Revelation.

With best wishes, John

Okay, okay, okay! I can see you still believe that John is just teasing us, and that he doesn't REALLY believe what he's saying. Maybe if someone called his bluff, and made a bet with him.... But wait! Someone already has:
From:    Robert Curry
To:      John Prewett
Subject: wager

RC> About the wager on JFK. If JFK re-appears before Kissinger
RC> kicks the bucket, then I pay you; if Henry dies without
RC> JFK having shown up, then you pay me.

JP> Since you insist. It's a bet. Twenty is fine with me.


JP> When JFK publicly reappears, send the money to
JP> Box 73223, Fairbanks, AK 99707.

   When Henry Kissinger dies, send the twenty bucks to
   American Atheists, P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195,
   as a donation to this educational organization.
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