Jesusphiles Can Be Fun!

Did you know that a crew of oil well drillers accidently drilled into Hell, and they heard the tortured, tormented wailing and gnashing of the damned? Did you know that former USA President John F. Kennedy is still alive and he is plotting with Kissenger and Satan to take over the planet (Earth, that is)? And did you know that the computer, the bar-code, and the Internet is the real "Number of a man," aka "The Beast" found in Revelation? How about the fact that militant homosexuals are out to turn everyone else on the planet into homosexuals? Or that Flying Saucers From Outer Space (FSFOS) are really demons out to discredit the Holy Bible and lead the deceived away from Jesus? Did you know that God prefers dead children to children who will grow up to be sinners?

These and other mysteries have been revealed to us sinners by the Jesusphiles, and damn it all if we chose not to believe them! So here, sisters and brothers, for your entertainment and ultimate salvation, is a brief walk into the wild side of the Jesusphile.

Click on any of the nine sections of the Jesusphile van above, and a new page will be displayed. If you have your browser's graphics option turned off (and many people do--- it saves time), use the following text-displayed links. If you want to see a complete picture of the van, click here for the JPG.


Here's a quote and a link to one of the most insane Jesusphile I have yet to come across on the Internet (and there are hundreds!).

"In light of the Genesis Flood which filled the entire Earth up past the tops of the mountains, I don't see how the polar openings proposed by this theory [hollow Earth] could have been possible. A hole 1,400 miles wide, as proposed by the information I read, would make it impossible for a worldwide flood to occur as the water would be drained into the 'inner earth' through both the holes at the poles. On top of that, if the core of the Earth does indeed serve as an 'inner sun' as the proponents of this theory claim, then it seems obvious to me that the waters from the worldwide flood have have extinguished it."

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