Jesusphiles: God Hates Fags!

Yes, for the first twenty years (give or take a year) of my life I used to "hate" homosexuals. They seemed so alien. So "way out there," like they are from outer space. Freaks. Perverts. Disgusting creatures, totally beyond my ken and understanding. Carnival side-show goons. It was always male homosexuals that disgusted me the most--- which demonstrates how the issue was my personal issue and not some problem with homosexuals themselves. I just could not, and cannot, fathom how someone could not desire women.

"You were very dear to me. Your love for me was wonderful. More wonderful than that of women." -- 2 Samuel 1:26, Holy Bible

But then I matured, grew up, and mellowed out. I learned to value people for their compassion and how they treat their fellow human beings. I learned that's it's none of my fucking business who someone else loves. I learned that homosexuals are not a threat to me or anyone else because of their homosexuality.

"Remember homosexuality is NOT about love - it is all aabout[sic] sex. Period!" --- George Noonan

This should be enough reasons for anyone to abandon their dislike of homosexuals, but I learned of another: homosexuals do not choose to be homosexual, any more than people with black eyes choose to have black eyes. Time after time, without exception, I discovered that homosexuals testify to the fact that they were born homosexuals and they tried to fight against their homosexuality. Homosexuals do not "become" homosexuals: they gradually acknowledge they are homosexual.

There are a great many so-called "Christians" who hate and despise homosexuals. Here is a link to one hater's WWW site. Fred Phelps, not God, hates fags. Phelps gets an orgasmic kick hating homosexuals, and the weilding of power he feels when his ignorant, superstitious cult followers believe his words of hate comes from their god. Phelps claims he believes that HIV is a "gift" from his god to humanity, to kill off homosexuals. Phelps has confused the political with the theological, as this RealAudio® clip shows. He believes that his insane hatred of homosexuals should be public policy.

"A person who does not have sex is neither het nor bi nor homo. He is non." -- Jim Staal

But Phelps is just one of many dozens of neo-fascist "Christian" cults that persecute homosexuals. There is a reason why they hate homosexuals: they fear their own dubious sexuality; they fear they may be thought of as homosexuals themselves, so they stridently persecute homosexuals to show the world they are not themselves homosexuals. It is often the case that these "Christians" are actually homosexual, and they are terrified their brethern will find out. Rev Fred Phelps appears to be an example of a homosexual who fears homosexuality.

"I personally would prefer to see the human race go via nuclear war than by the takeover of homosexuality... then I wouldn't have to be witness to this erosion of our society that is now occuring." --- George Pope

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