Demons and UFO's

(Paul Hudson Jr) writes:

While we are on the subject of demons, I would like to share some things I saw on Dr. Hugh Ross's "Reasons to Believe" television program on Trinity Brodcasting Network last night. Ross is a Christian physisist. He has written books, for example, "The Fingerprint of God" which explain scientific[sic] evidence[sic] for the existence of the Creator, and why this Creator is the God revealed in the Bible. [See the facts that refute the claim.]

Last night he discussed UFO's. The vast majority of UFO's are merely physical objects that the observers cannot identify, like venus, or a weather baloon, or other normal objects in the sky. A small percentage of UFO's cannot be explained scientifically.

He discussed that there were some cases of close encounters of the second kind, for example, when a UFO crashes and leaves burnt trees and a depression in the earth, but no physical remains of the craft. When a UFO turns out not to be naturally explainable, they often exhibit strange characteristics which are impossible for physical objects to exhibit. they move at rates like 18,000 miles per hour, and come to instant stops or make right angle turns at this speed. Physical object cannot do this. A steal ball of the same mass, subjected to these conditions would shatter into peices.

UFO's are observed to form complex formations, but yet no radio communication is observed between them. Often they can be seen but not photographed, or photographed but not seen. Physical objects do not behave this way. Also these objects can appear in sharp focus and then become blurry, or would send out beams of light that would stop at a sharp point rather than dissapate as a flashlight would. These are not consistent with our view of physical reality.

The above is a summary of some of the things Dr. Ross said. He continued on to discuss close encounters of the third kind. He quoted some sources from non-Christian respected researchers in the field who compared it to what was observed with demonic phenomenon. For example, one woman who did a study on the matter for congress, stated that the things observed in such encounters were similar to demonic phenomenon. Another reasearcher, who labels himself agnostic, said that demonology was not just another "crackpot-ology." He said that their are many documented cases availiable to the researcher, and that such encounters were very similar if not identical to the accounts given to people who relate experiences with demons.

Another thing that Ross said that he noticed about people who observed close encounters of the third kind was that in his experience, they always had past experiences with the occult. (Ross said that he was one of about 12 or so physicists in this field. So I assume he has some experience.) He said he first made this observations when he was a graduate student who often used an observatory telescope in his studies. He and others would not see any UFO's, but others, who would spend a short period of time under the telescope, who had had occult experiences, would nearly always see UFO's. He also said that in his experience, when he interviews someone about a UFO, it either turns out to be a scientifically explainable phenomenon, or, in the small percentage of cases that are not, the person has had occult experiences, and furthermore, the more occult activity the person has experienced, the more or closer encounters with UFO's the individual has had.

Another thing he talked about was a complilation of accounts of discussions that people had with beings in encounters of the third kind. One third of these writings, he said, were refutations of the deity of Christ, made by the "aliens." These beings encouraged illicit sex, and other ungodly things.

People who had encountered such beings had many experiences in common with people who had encountered demons. For example, the creatures are often featureless, or blurred. They hear voices projected into their minds, and often experience insanity.

He also read something that told about how people who had had such UFO experiences had more insanity, history of violent crime, etc.

He told of how he went to meet with Russian scientists about UFO phenomenon. The accounts of UFO's are much prevalent over their where the former government had sponsored research into the occult. The scientists said that they had already had occult activities, and wanted to know how they could get rid of their effects. Ross told them to repent of these activities before God, and to repent of all their sins against God and man, and to acknowledge Jesus as Lord, etc. Bacically, he told them the basics of salvation.

This is an interesting show. Unfortunately, it comes on at 1 am, I think, here on the east coast. TBN also has shown "In the Footsteps of the Messiah" which has some good Messianic teaching, much of which is the explanation of Messianic symbolism in the Old Testament, from what I have seen.

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Robert Sheaffer, author of "The UFO Verdict", posted a level-headed followup to it. James Merritt of fame apparently attempted to rebut the part mentioned in the first paragraph about 'scientific evidence' for creation but was refused by the moderator of s.r.c.
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