Nobel Prize Winners Ask "The Remaining" UFO Debunkers to Get Lost

Nobel Prize Winners Ask "The Remaining" UFO Debunkers to "Come Out Of The Closet" / Debunkers Should Be "Horsewhipped."

Feb. 4, 1996 (AP)- Meeting today at Geneva, Switzerland, over 100 of the top Nobel Prize Winners in science got together for some serious discussions. Among the matters discussed was the planet's weather changes relating to global warming, the condition of the Earth's oceans and "the last remaining UFO skeptics" who are "desperately covering up the alien presence." These top prize winners in physics, chemistry , physiology and medicine held closed-door meetings and other ones that were open to the public.

Leading scientists from the United States, Japan, England and Germany made a special appeal today for "the last few UFO debunkers" to, "come out of the closet" in regards to the truth about the extraterrestrials. "The gig is up, the whole world knows they are here," a chemistry Nobel Prize winner announced. Continuing, he said "These die hard fools are holding back science for their own self-promoting, and self-serving goals. They should be taken to the barn and horsewhipped."

Citing "evidence" that includes millions upon millions of UFO sightings from around the world, tens of thousands of animal mutilations, thousands of crop-pictograms stamped in wheat fields, thousands of radioactive landing trace-cases and millions of alien abductions of humans, these scientists declared they have had enough of UFO debunkers. "These "useful idiots" may have served a purpose back in the 1950s, but that was almost fifty years ago. They should quit living in the past, pick up their last checks and go fishing." The UFO community and the honest researchers totally agreed with that assessment!

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