Unofficial MUFON News -- Satanic UFO's

Courtesy of: AUFORA News Update
March 1st, 1997

by Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent
The Times of London

A former head of the Armed Forces has helped to form a pressure group to warn of the satanic nature of many unidentified flying objects.

Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton, Chief of Defence Staff, 1971-73, is involved with UFO Concern out of worry that some UFO encounters are "definitely antithetical to orthodox Christian belief", according to today's Church Times.

The Rev Paul Inglesby, a sub-deacon in an Orthodox church, who is secretary of UFO Concern, said the truth about UFOs has been suppressed for many years. He had never seen a UFO himself but knew many who had. "It is what they do and the messages that come from them that are anti-Christian, or demonic." A memo about the new group had been sent to the editors of various UFO magazines, and letters of support had been received by, among others, a professor and a prisoner he added.

Gordon Creighton, a Buddhist who edits Flying Saucer Review, said the group's founders were right to be concerned: "I do believe that the great bulk of these phenomena are what is called satanic."

However, David Wilkinson, a Methodist minister and an astrophysicist whose "Alone In The Universe" (Monarch L7.99) was published this month, told Church Times that Christians had nothing to fear from alien life forms.

Lord Hill-Norton, 82, confirmed last night that he had helped to found UFO Concern, but declined further comment.

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