Los Angeles Times
Saturday, November 23, 1996 Home Edition Section: Metro Page: B-5
Ex-Preacher Convicted in Feud With County;
By: From Associated Press

A former evangelical preacher has been convicted of violating a state law by publishing a sheriff deputy's home address in his conservative Christian newsletter.

Prosecutors said the Rev. Austin Miles published the address of Contra Costa County Sheriff's Deputy Charles Mould in The Connecting Link as a protest last year after county officials took over custody of a 6-year-old with leukemia.

Mould, who took the boy from his home after officials determined that his parents were not properly caring for him, received two threatening letters after Miles allegedly distributed the newsletter by fax.

A 1970 California law makes it illegal to publish the home addresses of law enforcement officers with malicious intent.

Miles contended that he sent the newsletter to one person, who then passed it along to others--- and that the newsletter was altered after he faxed it.

Miles, known in Antioch for playing Santa Claus at a mall every year, faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine at sentencing Dec. 19.

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