Rev. Austin Miles
P.O. Box 685
Oakley, California

February 05, 1995

Thank you very much for the AFA magazine page and the FOF photocopies, which I have received a few hours ago. I am already on the FOF cult's mailing list, and receive some of their monthly publications. When the cult was based near Downey, I toured the complex and was impressed with their telecommunications systems. (Why the cult fled California I won't go into.)


It appears that you are not so much a liar, as being lied to. It is too bad that you have relied solely upon the Focus on the Family and the AFA cults for your "information" on the EEOC's proposed guidelines. I'll first address the errors in the FOF cult's claim.

FOF's chief lie is that the EEOC "issued proposed regulations that would have made it illegal to share one's faith in the workplace." Bull dung! The right of religious expression is Constitutionally recognized and backed up with over a hundred years of precedence. Such a "regulation" fails the Reasonable Man test of what constitutes harassment. The EEOC is not a governmental body that imposes laws: it clarifies existing laws. It is ALREADY illegal to harass someone because of their religion in the work place: the proposed guidelines were to clarify at what point freedom of religious expression becomes harassment. The exclusion of guidelines that cover religious harassment was a evil, deleterious blow against religious freedom and the free exercise of religion. The continued exclusion of guidelines allows the harassment against people of faith in the work place to continue, which gives the person of faith no legal redress at the civic level (however, redress at the employer / employee level generally exists).

Moving to the National Association of Evangelical cult's newsletter. Their "fear that religious conversation in the workplace might be forced into a deep-freeze" is absurd. The proposed guidelines stipulated no such thing. In fact, the reverse is true: the EEOC has worked hard and tirelessly to see that employers respect the religious beliefs of their workers, where said beliefs do not propose a safety hazard. The EEOC does not have the authority to violate the Constitution, nor 100+ years of precedence behind the right of free expression of religion.

From the AFA cult, we find the most utterly inane, acidic lie one can imagine. "This Spring, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission floated a set of regulations to create a religion-free workplace." BULL! Austin, didn't you even bother to read the proposed guidelines yourself?! They are freely available via FTP on the Internet (which is where I got my copy, four months ago). THE EEOC PROPOSED NO SUCH THING! They wish to make a harassment-free workplace (sexual, racial, geriatric, and religious harassment). No where in the proposed guidelines do I find that "a picture of Jesus on a worker's desk could [be] considered religious harassment." Our body of civil law rests upon the "Reasonable Man" axiom: before the AFA cult's claim can become true, the massive weight of precedence for religious freedom of expression would have to magically vanish. It is in no danger of doing so (thank God).

(Parenthetical aside: just where does one go to get a picture of Jesus? I'd like one, please.)

On the same page of the AFA cult's newsletter we have a delightful cartoon, which is a remake of the ancient "Oh, you're only shooting craps, not praying like I feared" joke. Rev Miles, you must be aware that a student has the Constitutionally recognized right to pray on campus when she pleases, as much as she pleases? And that this right is in no danger of being revoked? And that this right has never been in danger of being revoked? Also, just how, exactly, is it possible to make someone not pray? For that matter, just how can someone know when another is praying?

The AFA cult is a member of the sinister revisionist cult COR. COR is a collection of 168 (at last count) cults throughout the nation, some of which are Holocaust revisionists and anti-Semitic. That should have been enough of a warning for you to have questioned the pabulum of lies you were being fed.

It troubles me and distresses me to see you backslide into the very pit of slime that almost destroyed you. I realize that no amount of truth will sway you from your path of lies and deception, but I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to try. Maybe you will turn away from the lies of man, and turn towards God instead.

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