Witches' forum haunts bookstore

Witches' forum haunts bookstore
By Tillie Fong
Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer

Barnes and Noble is reconsidering the decision it made this week to cancel a Holloween seminar on witches at its southeast Denver bookstore.

"As a company, we will try to do the right thing," said Michael Benidt, the company's district manager. "We have listened to the opinions of all sides. "I would wish that we always make the right decision at a local level, but sometimes we don't"

Officials at the chain's corporate office said a statement will be released today. "The situation is being evaluated further," said a company spokeswoman who declined to be identified. The seminar, titled THE REAL WITCHES OF HALLOWEEN, was to be led by psychotherapist John Mayer and self-taught Pagan experts John and Sara Shepard. But the store canceled the event after receiving complaints from customers describing themselves as conservative Christians.

Mayer and the Shepards could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Officials with the bookstore chain said the discussion did not fit the general interest of the community and that the series' intent was to bring people together, not to create animosity. The seminar has since been moved. It will be at 7pm Tuesday at the Amber Unicorn bookstore, 1860 S. Chambers Road, Aurora. The cancellation prompted a Denver Buddhist to call for the boycott of Barnes and Noble bookstores.

"If they want to play a game of religious favoritism, then people who are not part of their favored religion should be made aware of those practices." said Padma Thornlyre, 36.

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