Neo-Paganism, Paganism, Wicca, and Earth-centric religions. This is the page. I always find it astonishing that, here in the "Western" societies such as North America, Central America, South America, Oceanus, and much of Europe, when one speaks of "god" one assumes that there is only one, and that it is the YHWH god of the Hebrews and neo-Jews, or the Jesus god of the neo-Christians, or the Allah god of the neo-Muslims. There are so many gods and goddesses, it seems strange to me that people do not identify the god they are referring to when discussing him, her, them, or it. When Creationists assert that "God did it!" they fail to demarcate which god--- indeed, they often fail to realize that there are a great many too choose from, all of whom are credited with creating the universe, Earth, and / or life on Earth. As the life of the anti-Semitic bigot Joseph Campbell showed, it could take a life-time to get to know every god and goddess that exists or has existed.

That YHWH, Jesus, Allah, and the gods that over 700,000 Hindus revere or worship happen to be the most popular gods at the moment is of no consequence. They will pass away like countless others have: a brief fling with humanity, and then oblivion--- footnotes in the life of Homo sapien sapien. Popularity contests are fleeting.

I've included ancient gods and goddesses as being "neo-Pagan" instead of "Pagan" because they are still being worshiped, and their contemporary aspects and attributes are almost always drastically different than their ancient aspects and attributes.

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