Neo-Nazi Wiccan members

By Shy David
>DB> He notes that after the consolodation of
>DB> Christians in the power structure of the empire,
>DB> they murdered more than 50,000 every single *year*
>DB> in purges of the heretics, gnostics, or Coptics,
>DB> and God[sic] only knows how many more in the
>DB> struggles between the Roman Papacy and the Byzantine
>DB> Bishopric. All this, at the time at which the
>DB> Christian church had it's most *moral* and holiest
>DB> period. He further notes, as I do, that they have
>DB> not improved.

FR> I can't think of a single mechanism which the
FR> Christian cult has in its tool box which could
FR> _allow_ it to change for the better. When the cult's
FR> history is glibly discounted as, "Oh, they weren't
FR> _TRUE_ Christians," no mechanism -- nor desire -- to
FR> recify their evil is possible.
In the HUMANIST list the topic came up about neo-Nazi Wiccan members--- I had to admit that these Wiccan really are members of Wicca, distasteful as it is for me to admit. One should always acknowledge the truth, even if it is unplesant. That's something fundamentalist Christians find so hard to do.

Hitler added Teutonic gods and godesses (Aesir) to his Christian (Catholic) beliefs, and came up with his own brand of mysticism. This was not, of course, in any way connected to Wicca.

However, there are two Wiccan "Trads" who revere the same Teutonic gods and goddesses: one Trad (some of whom call themselved "Wotansvolk") is neo-Nazi, and the other (called Asatru) are not. The former are obnoxious bastards (in writing), and I've yet to meet any. The latter are fun, loving, tolerant, decient human beings, any of whom I would proudly call "friend."

You can well imagine what the non-neo-Nazi Trad thinks of the neo-Nazi Trad.

And excellent statement of Icelandic Asatru is found at

A fine example of Asatru in general is at

"ere long I bare fruit and throve full well,
"I grew and waxed in wisdom;
"word following word, I found me words,
"deed following deed, I wrought deeds"
For an example of the neo-Nazi bastards, it may be found at
"We must secure the existence of our people
and a future for White children" - David Lane
Yes, I do not like having to acknowledge that there are Hitler wannabes in a tiny collection of Wiccans. But I'll be Goat Biled if I'll be like a Christian hypocrite and wail "But they are NOT Real True (tm) Wiccan." There is no such things as "Real" Wiccans: every individual is free to worship as she or he please. I do not "approve" of the "Wotansvolk," but they need not my approval.
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