The James Randi Foundation

Are you a "psychic?" Do you have a "psychic" ability, such as seeing auras, reading minds, bending spoons using only your mind, channeling spirits, tipping tables? Do you dowse for water, gold, or oil? Do you read palms, read charts, read tea leaves, read irids? Do you swing a mean pendant over pregnant women to determine the sex of a child not yet born? Can you leave your body, go to a distant location, and report back on what you have witnessed while astral-traveling?

Then why don't you win over one million dollars by accepting The Randi Challenge, and demonstrating your ability? Why wait? Fame and fortune awaits the first psychic who will demonstrate her or his ability.

Er, but for some reason, the world's "psychics" have refused to do so (except for a few dozen, who didn't have the abilities they claimed, and thus failed the challenge). The money is already there, waiting and ready to be handed over by the Randi Foundation. I cannot understand why there isn't a line one mile long at the Foundation's door, psychic after psychic standing there waiting their turns to win the million (and then some) dollars up for grabs.

But the "psychics" certainly have their inane excuses for refusing the challenge.

I once asked an "iridologist" why she hasn't accepted the Randi Foundation's million-dollar challenge. All she need do is demonstrate that iridology is valid. Her answer? "It's a bogus challenge. Some asshole's scam. If it were real, someone would have won it already. Why should I waste my time?" Can you imagine? Over one million dollars, in good, ole US currency, up for grabs to the first person who can demonstrate ANY "psychic" or paranormal ability, and she doesn't want to "waste her time!?"

So, if you or someone you know is a "psychic," or astrologer, or palmist, or medium, or (etc., etc., etc.), visit the James Randi Foundation's web site, via the link:

Article One: Randi at Caltech: A Report from the Paranormal Trenches
Article Two: Interview of James Randi by Eric Krieg
Article Three: By James Randi. 20 Major Aspects of Liars, Cheats, and Frauds.

The James Randi Foundation

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