Humans are gullible. Hell, as a rule we're damn stupid most of the time. Usually when something they see is too good to be true, many (most?) of us take that trait as evidence that it is true--- otherwise, wouldn't it be obviously false? (Scritchy!) The pot of gold is always at the end of the next scam that comes along and they fall for: past failures of miracle cures, get-rich-quick scams, levitating gurus, love potions, prophesies, management techniques, and assorted bullshit is soon forgotten, when a new sparkling miracle is presented to them. Anyhow, that's where humanity finds itself these days (and in every day that has passed since the first protobiotic microsphere washed up out of the tidepool), and we are stuck with it. Folks just sit quiet and watch while some of us wait anxiously for the UFOs to come and carry them (The Selected; The Pure; The Worthy) "home" up near the Pleiades.

Is there any hope? I think so. I certainly hope so.

It is amazing to me that people still believe in astrology, "psychic" abilities, and a hundred assorted metaphysical fooleries. Humanity is entering the twenty-first century, not the first! (Hords of humans believe that vampires exist, angels exist, fairies exist, demons exist, and invading armies from Sirius exist, which I won't go into here). Every "psychic" who has been properly tested has failed to produce the claimed ability. The history of metaphysics consists of only claims that have been debunked, and claims that cannot or were not tested properly: if "psychic" abilities actually existed, someone would have demonstrated them by now. Since no one has ever demonstrated a "psychic" ability which has convinced an informed observer, one can conclude that "psychic" ability either does not exist, or those who actually possess such abilities are in hiding. Why "psychics" only convince the ignorant, the desperate, and the fearful is an issue I also will not address--- others have done so better than I could.

Alas, I wish the world were the way the "psychics" claim it is: I want the world to be a magical place where human beings can learn to do amazing feats just by willing them--- without the hard work that is actually required to achieve results desired by humanity. "Touch Therapy," where one is healed of sickness and disease just by someone else willing it, would be the greatest boon to humanity since the invention of the alphabet. "Psychic Surgery," where the "physician" uses his hands instead of a knife to remove tumors (and leaves no scars) would be THE greatest medical break-through since antibiotics and pain killers. If one really could tell if someone is a liar and a thief just by looking at his or her palm; if one really could perform diagnosis of illness (current and future) just by studying someones' eyes---- think of how much better off humanity would be if these abilities were true!

But they are not, as far as anyone can tell. Humanity is "stuck" with reality. But isn't reality amazing enough as it is? I sure think so.

There is a very tiny minority of human beings in the world who are fighting to expose injurious beliefs for what they are: a cancer that sucks the time, energy, and money (great, huge, monsterous piles of money!) out of the lives of the ignorant; the gullible; the decient people who, out of need and desperation, turn to confidence artists and quacks when there is seemingly no where else to turn.

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