Change 'Hello' to 'Heaven-o' And Avoid Hell!

According to SKEPTIC vol. 5 no. 1 (1997) on pg. 57, "The commisioners of Kleberg County (Texas) have voted unanimously to urge residents not to say "hello" because a local man doesn't like the word. "I see `hell' in hello," says Leonoso Canales, 56, a flea market operator who led the drive for the county resolution, which urges people to say `heaven-o' instead. Canales says most people don't notice the 'hell' since "it's disguised by the o, but once you see it, it will slap you in the face." (Reuter)

And SKEPTIC's comment: "...Is it mere coincidence that there's an "anal" in Canales?"

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