The Skeptic Tank

Stunned by all the improbable, preposterous, incredible, absurd, apocryphal, exaggerated, far-fetched, outrageous, unbelievable, unlikely, doubtful, farfetched, questionable, dubious [thank Goddess for thesauri] claims you hear every day? Too many levitating gurus in your life? Are you thinking of seeing a palmist; a "psychic;" a astrologer; a tarot card reader?

Maybe just for the hell of it you may wish to research what those who are skeptical of such abilities say on the subject. After all, why waste your time and money if you know before hand what these "psychics" will say, why they say it, and how they perform their "miracles?"

Visit the Skeptic Tank, where you may thumb through an index of skeptical information on nearly every conceivable topic. Check the boxes next to desired files, and eventually they will be e-mailed to you, for your off-line reading pleasure. That's all there is to it: no future spam; no solicitations; just the files you asked for. To visit The Skeptic Tank, follow this link:

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