"Education is what separates the slaves from the masters." -- Judith Bandsma

There are many people in the world who fear and despise science. (Often this is the result of occult beliefs such as "Creation 'Science'", i.e. "Creationism".) They refuse to acknowledge to themselves that science and technology is what keeps them alive, feeds them, clothes them, and expands their standard of living to such an extent that was unheard of 200 years ago. Thanks to science and technology, hundreds of millions of people live the life of royalty: they eat well, have fresh water, live in comfort, have time for leasure, and live much safer lives than their ancestors.

Yet in the United States of North America, there are groups of people who actively oppose science education. The reasons for this is many.

  1. Occult beliefs such as the Jesusphile's belief that "faith" is superior to knowledge ("Blessed is he who has not seen and yet still believes"), and "that which is not of faith is sin" (ROM 14:23). These anti-science occult beliefs generally express themselves by the Jesusphile as Creationism, though of course there are many other occult-based reasons. Geocentrism is still alive and well in some theologies, just as there are still advocates of a Flat, round Earth (like a pizza) as presented in the Bible, and advocates of a hollow Earth as found in Nazi occult beliefs (there are even Internet WWW sites defending the "Hollow Earth 'Theory'"). Here is a site for a Annotated bibliography of flat, hollow, and inverted Earth theories.

    For information about geocentricity and "the Bible and astronomy," write to:

    Association for Biblical Astronomy
    4527 Wetzel Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio

  2. Economic considerations such as who flips hanburgers at McDonalds and who sits on the Board of Directors at McDonalds. If every citizen were well educated, who would do the poorly paying jobs? This problem is already a reality in Mexico and Russia, where excellent universities produce well educated doctors, lawyers, and accountants--- all of whom drive taxis or sweep floors for a living because there are no other jobs for them. My point is, corporations and nations require that a large portion of its citizenry remain uneducated, but not too large a portion that the corporation and nation does not have a skilled and educated labor pool to select from. When one opposes science education, one helps prevent a citizenry that is smart enough to know what's good for themselves: that is a threat to those who pretend to be, and lay claim to be, "leaders" of the citizens.

  3. Environmental considerations also exist. Technology is a result of applied science education. Humans are making their environment toxic and unpleasant to live in. Undermine science education and one slows down the application of technology. The problem with this is that technology is often the solution to poorly-applied technology. The problem with nuclear waste will not solve itself without highly advanced technology; the only way to aquire that technology is to increase science education and fund research.

  4. The fear of dying in a nuclear holocaust is another reason why people distrust science education. The argument goes "Look what what scientists have created: weapons so terrifying, the entire nuclear age (1946 to present) was one of fear, threats, and intimidation by rival nuclear powers." All blame is placed upon the scientists, and by association, science in general. Is it any wonder people fear science, when a billion people can be erased in the matter of hours?
Applied science is mankind's only salvation; it is humanity's only hope for a future worth living.

Since there appears to be no gods or space aliens around to save us from ourselves, it is up to us to save ourselves. A citizenry with a science education will allow us to build a future worth living in.

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