I love a woman in leather. If she swings a sword and hacks men to pieces every week, so much the better! Who says violence never solves anything?! Certainly not Xena, who clubs, stabs, slashes, hacks, dices, and slices her was through armed men like a buzzsaw through a marshmallow. Personally, I prefer Xena when she was working for Ares, but what the Hades.... there's lots of bad guys to chop to pieces every episode.

If I Could Be Like Xena is a song by by Marilyn Rucker that seems to embody the essense of what it might be like to be Xena.

"Wait a minute. Those boots. That leather. Those legs. Xena!" -- Samonius
When she is not kicking tyrant kings' asses, she's brawling with stupid-looking thugs, petty gods, Amazons, Centaurs, and thieves. It's a rough life out there, and a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do to protect herself. Three feet of razor-sharp steel is just the ticket!
"You haven't lived 'till you've been gored by Xena." -- Aries' chorus

She can leap houses; she can do back-flips that would make the best Olympic gymnast green with envy; She's got moves that even Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee combined never had, and never will; she's even a match for Hercules! She can slug it out with the biggest and the meanest, and still look fresh as a daisy for the next episode. She even sings! Well, sort of.

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