FINAL DIAGNOSES: I. Electrocution (anamnestic)

FINAL DIAGNOSES: I. Electrocution (anamnestic).

II Postmortem charring of head, neck, torso, and extremities

CAUSE OF DEATH: Electrocution

"I hereby certify that I, Manuel R Montez, MD, Forensic Pathologist, have performed an autopsy on the body of an unidentified female, U00-23, on the 27th day of June, 2000, commencing at 10:30 am., in the mortuary of the Office of the Riverside County Sheriff Coroner. This autopsy is performed in the presence of Dr. Fajardo"

External Examination: The body, identified by an affixed name tag, is of a well developed, average framed, charred, approximately 65", approximately 130 pound, white woman whose appearance is obscured by charring

The head is extensively charred; however, there is a small area of brown hair over the posterior aspect of the scalp. The hair is approximately 3" in length The character of the irides conjunctivae. ears, facial features, nose, and oral cavity is indeterminate There are natural teeth in the oral cavity There are no palpable facial fractures. The neck is straight The anterior and posterior aspects of the torso appear well developed The genitalia of a normal adult female. The anus is patent The extremities are well developed The character of the nails is indeterminate.

There are no discemable scars or tattoos

POSTMORTEM CHANGES: Rigor mortis is not present; lividity is not apparent the body is cold to touch

CLOTHING: There are charred fragments of clothing accompanying the body The hands are not bagged


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INJURIES, EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL: The body from the head to the knee cap anteriorly and to the lower buttocks posteriorly is completely charred. When first viewed, the upper arms of the decedent are contracted upwards; the neck is extended; the back is arched backward, There are heat fractures of the left elbow and left wrist. There are heat fractures of the right wrist. The right hand is completely charred. There is a large skin-split defect over he right side of the anterior aspect of the torso. There is a large open defect over the right side of the torso exposing the inferior aspect of the right pleural cavity and the superior aspect of the fight side of the peritoneal cavity. The right lung, diaphragm, and right lobe of the liver are charred. The facial features are markedly distorted secondary to charring. The scalp is almost completely charred The charred skull is intact. There is no skin sparing of the upper arms, forearms, wrists, or hands.

There is a 1/2" abrasion over the medial aspect of the left knee.

There is no internal trauma of the head or torso

Internal Examination:

HEAD: See INJURIES. The skull is without fracture. There is no epidural, subdural, or subarachnoid hemorrhage. The dura is unremarkable. The leptomeninges are unremarkable. The extremely pale and soft brain weighs 1220 grams and has normal distributions of cranial nerves and cerebral vessels. There is no significant atherosclerosis. There are no focal lesions.

NECK: The cervical vertebrae, hyoid bone, and posterior aspects of the tracheal and laryngeal cartilages are without trauma. There is focal charring over the anterior aspects of the tracheal and laryngeal cartilages. The upper airway is not obstructed with foreign bodies. The tongue is unmarketable in situ

BODY CAVITIES: The organs are in their normal situs without adhesions. There are no abnormal fluid accumulations. The adipose tissue is otherwise unremarkable. The peritoneal and parietal surfaces are without blood-staining.

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: The pericardium is without exudate or adhesion. There is no excess fluid in the pericardial sac. The heart weighs 260 grams. The epicardial surface and fat are unremarkable. The heart has a normal distribution of patent coronary arteries The myocardium is uniformly dark red without fibrosis. The walls are not hypertrophied. The endocardium, papillary muscles, chordae tendineae, and four cardiac valves are unremarkable. The chambers are not dilated. The venac cavae and pulmonary arteries are without thrombus or embolus. The aortic arch and great vessels are unremarkable. The aorta is without atherosclerosis. The renal and iliac vessels are unremarkable.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: The right lung weighs 600 grams; the left lung weighs 660 grams . The pleural surfaces are without blebs or bullae The lungs are without discrete consolidations or obstruction. There is no infarct. The tracheobronchial tree and vasculature are unremarkable

LIVER, GALLBLADDER, PANCREAS: The liver weighs 1350 grams and has an intact dark brown capsule and dark brown parenchyma without focal lesions The portal vessels are unremarkable The unremarkable gallbladder contains no bile The extrahepatic bile ducts appear well developed. The pancreas is without focal lesions

HEMIC AND LYMPHATIC SYSTEMS: The spleen weighs 230 grams and has an intact light purple capsule and dark red parenchyma without focal lesions. Lymph nodes are not identified.

GENITOURINARY SYSTEM: The right kidney weighs 100 grams; the left kidney weighs 130 grams. The subeapsular surfaces are smooth. The architecture and vasculature are unremarkable. The ureters maintain uniform caliber into an unremarkable, empty bladder. The internal reproductive organs are unremarkable

ENDOCRIINE SYSTEM: The pituitary gland, in situ, is unremarkable. The thyroid gland is charred. The adrenal glands are without focal lesions

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: The esophagus and gastroesophageal junction are unremarkable. The stomach contains approximately 40 ml of brown liquid without tablets or pills. The gastric niucosa and wall are unremarkable. The small intestine, appendix, and large intestine are unremarkable.

MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM: The vertebrae clavicles, sternuni ribs and pelvis are unremarkable The musculature is otherwise unremarkable

TOXICOLOGY: The appropriate specimens are submitted for examinations; a separate report will be issued.

SPECIAL STUDIES: Postmortem radiographs are made and retained.

Manuel R Montez, M.D. «/L Date 7-21-00
Forensic Pathologist


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DATE OF DEATH 6/25/00 FILE NUMBER 2000-3477

Notification of the death: on June 25 2000 at 1229 hours, I received a telephone call from Riverside Sheriff's Dispatch reporting a death possibly resulting from an industrial accident. The dispatcher said the death occurred on site of the Golden Era Production studios. I informed the dispatcher that I would soon be en route.

Scene Description: I arrived on scene at 1340 hours. Golden Era security guards escorted me to the incident location. The deceased was located in an underground electrical vault in a construction area on the northeast side of the complex. The vault was approximately 10 feet below the ground and contained four electrical transformers. In the middle of the vault was a steel "manhole" cover that had been removed from the opening of the vault. A large storage shed was located approximately 50 yards from the manhole.

Initial Information Obtained:

Upon my arrival, I spoke to Deputy Bob Moquin of the Riverside Sheriff's Department who provided the following information. A Golden Era security guard was patrolling the area when he heard an explosion. The guard said the ground shook and he saw smoke coming from an underground electrical vault As he ran towards te vault, the guard reported that he could not immediately get close to the vault because the ground was "electrified". He radioed for assistance and someone soon arrived with a fire extinguisher. Once the smoke dissipated somewhat workers saw a body at the bottom of the vault. Based on physical characteristics and clothing, the workers identified the body as Stacey Meyer. Meyer reportedly was an employee of the studio and performed general maintenance on the grounds.

Deputy Moquin questioned studio employees further and was told that Meyer was on duty that day but was not supposed to he working in the area. She was also not qualified to work with electrical equipment and had no reason to be inside the vault. The day prior to her death however, Meyer reportedly asked a supervisor about a squirrel that had been electrocuted in the same vault a few weeks prior. She asked about the incident and more specifically, where the vault was located and how to get into the vault. They also said that Meyer had the physical ability to remove the manhole cover from the vault. For further information regarding the lethal incident refer to Riverside Sheriff's file #DR00177018.

Deputy Coroner's External Examination of the Remains: The deceased was lying in a prone position on the bottom of the electrical vault. A wooden ladder in an open position was standing near her feet. Her head, upper torso and thigh area were completely charred and were resting between two of the transformers.

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Most of the hair was burned away, but a "ponytail" was visible. She as wearing light colored shorts and white tennis shoes. Both hands were severely charred and were resting against the wall of the vault. I noted that the remains of her left hand was gripping a wire that ran between the two aforementioned transformers. Her legs in a a crossed position with the left foot resting on the bottom rung of the ladder. The bottom of the right foot was resting against additional wires. A black oily-type substance was seen beneath her upper torso and the transformer to her right. A white powdery substance believed to be from a fire extinguisher covered the contents of the vault and the remains. The bottom of her shoes appeared to be clean with the exception of the white powdery substance. No other evidence was found inside the vault.


I took twenty seven 35 mm photographs of the scene and the decedent. A ring was found at the bottom of the vault and was inventoried on Personal Property Inventory #26722.

Investigation Continued:

Alter leaving the incident site, Deputy Moquin, Investigator Greer and myself went to Meyer's residence. Ken Hoden, general manager of Golden Era, opened the residence and allowed us to enter. I looked through Meyer's belongings but found no note or any other material mentioning suicide.

Medications: Not applicable

Transportation: Coroner's transportation was dispatched to remove the deceased from the place of death to the Sheriff-Corner’s Forensic Center

Notification of Next of Kin: An administrator from the Church of Scientology notified the victim's husband of the death.

Identification: Dental records were obtained and the deceased was positively identified s Stacey Meyer.

Cause of Death: The cause of death was determined following an autopsy that was performed on June 27, 2000 by Dr. Manuel Montez, county pathologist.

Toxicology: Toxicological assays were performed on fluids obtained at autopsy

Manner of death:

Based on the information I received from the Riverside Sheriff's Department, California Department of Forestry, autopsy findings and other facts ascertained during the course of my investigation, I have classified the death of Stacey Meyer as accidental.

>I'm surprised Moxon couldn't keep his TR's in. I didn't know he was a
>no-case-gain type.

As I mentioned before, he went completely balistic over the phone when I mentioned picketing gold over her death. If someone really wants to see Kim Seller's declaration on the topic, I think I can find it.

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