They are taking some [people] across the road in vans.

From: Keith Henson <>
Subject: Re: Picket report -- Hemet day 1 and 2-2
Date: 23 Jun 2000 02:25:22 GMT
Message-ID: <8iuhqi$glr$>

More of the same this afternoon. I need to talk to someone who has recent experience inside of gold base. On the east underpass, on the south side of the road there is a post about a foot square and 5-6 feet tall. Everyone going from the south side to the north through the underpass performs some minor ritual with the post. Any idea of what they are doing?

The east underpass is still being used, but not the west one. I have found a number of places where large numbers of them can be seen from the road. They are taking some across the road in vans.

News from home is that they are trying to picket my wife's place of work, and right now there are three of them picketing my home. The picket signs are attacking my wife--who has picketed them only once. My daughter's friends taped them--will ship the tape to xenu-tv.

If any of the local SPs want to read them OT3, they may be there till 10 pm tonight. And (*), this is another two days of picketing at gold base.

Keith Henson