Relatively exciting day (Sunday).

From: Keith Henson <>
Subject: Re: Picket report -- Hemet day 1 and 2-2
Date: 26 Jun 2000 04:53:02 GMT
Message-ID: <8j6nje$5ul$>

Relatively exciting day (Sunday).

We had 3-6 picketers all day. They are not much trouble, and the support from the neighbors is very strong.

This afternoon I made up and enlarged a page to explain to people who came by what the fuss was about. I will attach it to this posting. About 4 pm I came back from the copy shop with it and material for a new sign. I wanted to reinforce the edges with packing tape (which I use on picket signs). The tape was still in the car I had taken to Hemet. As I walked out, one of my neighbors was near the car talking to one of the scns about what they were doing looked like in the eyes of ordinary people. Just as I was about to open the car, there was this crashing sound and I looked over to see what looked like one of the picketers trying to fight his way through the hedge or perhaps having an epileptic fit. After a few seconds of fighting the hedge, he went down like a sack of potatoes, and from 20 feet away I could hear his head hit the sidewalk.

I went inside like a shot and called 911, and alerted my wife who has more emergency training than I have. By the time I had them on the way, and was pulling up my memories of how to do CPR, the other picketers had picked up the fallen one and put him in a chair. They said he was ok and for me to cancel the 911 call. Turns out you can't do that easily, so the paramedics responded anyway. I got a couple of pictures of him sitting on the back of a station wagon so should be able to scan and post them eventually. The guy's face was absolutely gray. He said the heat got him and that he was out of shape to walk that much. It was not very hot here today and the trees shade where they picket. It occurred to me that he would not have lasted the length of one circuit around gold base around two pm.

Which reminds me, any of you folks picketing gold base, be really careful if you are not in shape, or lack equipment or training for being out in the heat.

After the excitement died down, I finished reinforcing the edges of my 2 foot by 3 foot poster and put it on the front gate--to the considerable enturbulation of the picketers, who now avoid the front gate like vampires avoiding garlic. I think I will do another one for the rear gate, but will wait to see if people have suggestions. If you suggest changes, be sure to keep it the same word count.

Toward evening I picked a bunch of plums--our trees have all come ripe at the same time. Two of the picketers took bags of plums and two declined. They left at 7:30 or 8 pm.

I may have enough adventures right here to keep posting reports without having to leave the comfort of my own home.

Keith Henson

[posted on my gate. . . .]

If you wonder why Scientologists picket my house . . . .

I have been protesting the abuses of Scientology since early 1995. That is when their lawyer Helena Kobrin issued a rmgroup which (on a lot of news servers) destroyed the news group alt.religion.scientology.

About a year later, I wrote a protest letter to a federal judge about a TRO issued in another case and included a criminal instruction manual NOTs 34, The Sequence for Handling a Physical Condition. After I posted the letter, Scientology sued me over copyright, eventually winning (by spending over a million dollars in legal fees).

My objections to Scientology are not about their third rate science fiction raised to the status of religious scripture (who cares if they think they are infested with the spirits of space aliens murdered by the galactic ruler Xenu?) but with the fraud, bait and switch tactics, illegal practice of medicine, destruction of families, inducing suicide and corrupting the government, especially the legal system and the IRS.

As of June 23, 2000 the French government has taken strong steps to curb this cult, which they consider a threat to national security. The German government considers them a threat to democracy. The Belgium government is investigating them for money laundering, the president of Scientology is facing up to 56 years in charges filed by the Spanish government, and they have been run out of Greece for collecting information to blackmail officials. I think they blackmailed the IRS out of $1.5 billion. (

In the late 70s 11 high ranking Scientologists were convicted for a long list of acts against the US government and sent to jail. Because they are slaves to the works of their founder, L. Ron Hubbard, they cannot change. (

There is a vast amount of material about them on the Internet, start at or, which is about a 36 year old woman who died in their care.

The specific reason they are here and hassling my wife is that I have been picketing at their desert base in Southern California over their callous disregard for human life. A contractor who they claim was working without being given direction (not likely, they micromanage everything) was driving an unlighted front loader after dark on the highway which cuts through their property. He turned the front loader into oncoming traffic. Ashlee Shaner, a 16 year old high school girl ran her car into the blade and was cut in half. Her 8 year old sister ducked under the blade and was not seriously hurt. Her mother was in another car a little ways behind her daughter.

Your neighbor,

H. Keith Henson (or

PS, The signs mention my wife and they also picket her place of work. We suspect they are trying to get my wife to sue them for libel by accusing her of "hate crimes."