Scientologist electrocuted

From: (Shy David
Subject: Scientologist electrocuted
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:48:20 GMT
Organization: Worldwide Church of WWW.XENU.NET
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cc: Claire Vitucci
cc: James Nash


At the time the woman was electrocuted to death at Scientology's Nazi Theme Park ("Golden Era Studios"), I was outside picketing with another protester. We had gone to the compound to protest the easily-avoidable death of Ashlee Shaner. I suppose that while us protesters were at Ms. Shaner's street-side memorial making prayer feathers to leave in her memory, the electrocuted woman was being killed.

This saddens me very much.

When our prayer feathers were done (Ashlee, I think, would approve even though as far as I know she was not Hopi), my friend and I picked up our protest signs and walked up and down the street to protest the organization.

A nice, well-dressed, friendly guy who called himself "Ken" came out to "handle" us. I assume this is the "Ken Hoden" you mentioned in your article. While the electrocuted woman's body was still twitching, he was sent out side to draw us away from the studio's entrance. He showed no sign of being unhappy, nor any sign of feeling "very bad for [the dead woman's] family and her husband." He was happy and friendly, as if no death had just occured. But perhaps this was a different Ken and that this Ken knew nothing about the recent death: if that is the case, he is of course to be held blameless for showing no sign of grief over the death.

He was then paged on his pager, and when he read the message he said that he "has a meeting to go to." All smooth as silk. His TR-L was "in," as a Scientologist would say.

A new "handler" was sent out to keep us away from the entrance to the Studio. We saw quite clearly that they were working very hard to keep us from the entrance, but at the time we did not know why. I told my friend, while the new handler listened in dismay, that I was going to "go see what it is they are trying to keep us from seeing." I walked up the road a bit, just to see this handler's reaction: imagine being told you need a root canal job done of five teeth, and there's anaesthesia enough for one tooth--- maybe two--- but not all five. You will then imagine how this woman looked.

She told us she was "Public Relations." I told her she was OSA (Office of Special Affairs, i.e., "Guardians Office", i.e., "Department Twenty"). It's all the same thing: this is the department that is supposed to predict public relations disasters and prevent them; if they cannot, they are then supposed to "handle" PR problems. Look up "Operation 'Snow White'" and "Operation 'Freakout'" for two examples of that this Scientology department's work is. Er, I mean "was."

This PR woman then claimed that her knee was recently operated on, and that she wanted us to stand with her well down the street from the Studio's entrance and "talk." She was still trying very hard to keep us from picketing where we could see the coronor's wagon come and take the latest dead woman off their hands.

Yet a third "handler" came out to handle us: that's three PR people sent out just to prevent two lonely picketers from seeing what we were not "supposed" to see.

Ken invited us two picketers out for "breakfast" and said that he would pay: he was THAT MUCH concerned about getting us away from the place. When he left, the PR woman then asked us if we wanted to go have "brunch." She too tried very hard to get us to leave so we would not see what we were not supposed to see.

A camera crew from Casper News came along and filmed us picketers with our handlers. The film crew told us that there had been "an accident up the road" and that rung a loud bell in my mind: that's what they did not want us to see! You should have seen the PR woman's face when the film crew showed up: she gave a very tiny noise, like that of a kitten being strangled. She then went to go "handle" the film crew.

[NOTE to a.r.s.: Scientology Inc. appears to have lied to government agency involved in this: from the first 911 call! Sheeeish. The film crew was there to find the "auto accident" that had not actually occured.]

Her speach to the film crew, by the way, was 100% TR-L (Scientology speak for "Training Routine: Lying" which one may read on the Internet). It was identicle, word-for-word PR that OSA gives to every news media. That made me laugh, but it also made me feel sorry for her. She seemed so unable to have a single thought of her own: it was like watching and listening to a computer reel off a pre-programed speach and set of behaviors. I felt so sad seeing her act like this: like an automation.

By the way: only the woman showed any sign of stress or worry. The two men were happy, and joked with us. The woman seemed to be under extremely great stress: like she was carrying a very heavy load.

Parenthetical element: I HATE PICKETING. I do not want to picket the Scientology organization. It's a chore, and there are so many other things I would MUCH rather be doing on my weekends. However, I hate to see people killed when those deaths could have been so easily avoided. Lisa McPherson; Ashlee Shaner; and now this other young woman. Someone has to protest these needless deaths; I don't want to do it, but I feel it has to be done. I'd rather have gone to the beach, or gone sailing. Our "handlers" somehow refuse to understand such a simple concept: they would not accept our answers on why we were there protesting Ashlee Shaner's death. It was as if they thought we had some "alterior motive" or something. Should -NOT- Ms. Shaner's death be protested?!

Community support in Hemet and around Scientology's Nazi Theme Park is extremely high: we got cheers, "thumbs ups," and people stoping to thank us. Members of Ashlee Shaner's church expressed such warm, heart-felt gratitude towards us that I felt that even though I did not want to be there, it was worth the effort.

By the way: I do not believe the "dead squirrel" story for even an instant. Scientology's Nazi Theme Park is micro-managed. Of course I could be wrong, but I suspect the yound woman was ordered down into the hole to perform some task that she was not qualified to perform. I hope that the coronor keeps this in mind when she or he examines the body.