Re: NEWS: Bizarre accident at Golden Era Studios

From: (Eric Bohlman)
Subject: Re: NEWS: Bizarre accident at Golden Era Studios
Date: 27 Jun 2000 07:26:43 GMT
Message-ID: <8j9kvj$ae6$>

Byll23 ( wrote:

> It's tragic that this girl died, but don't you all think it's just a _little_
> early to pin it on the COS? Shouldn't we perhaps wait a while? It's _possible_
> that this was simply a tragic accident. Unlikely, but possible.

OK, let's assume that it *was* simply a tragic accident. The way the staff at Golden Era reacted to that accident was utterly absurd. They didn't report the incident to the authorities correctly, which almost certainly resulted in a waste of public safety resources (e.g. if the authorities get a false report of a traffic accident, they're going to unnecessarily send out a bunch of cops to direct traffic around the site of the accident). They made up a completely unbelievable story about why the accident occurred. In short, they demonstrated that they couldn't *deal* with an accident. It's just as if Lisa McPherson actually had died of a complication of her little traffic accident; the fact would remain that the staff at Flag was completely unable to handle her medical problems, and that she would have lived if they had dealt with them in the normal (for wogs) way.

Maybe an even better analogy would be the Tony Strawn case. Nobody here seriously believes that the Co$ *caused* him to rape his daughters. The Co$ can't be blamed for the fact that the rapes occurred. But they sure as hell *can* be blamed for trying to help him get away with them.

Furthermore, *if* both this incident and the death of Ms. Shaner were accidental, they were accidents just waiting to happen. They were accidents that could not have happened if the most elementary safety precautions had been followed. The question is whether the deaths were due to malice (and you're correct that we shouldn't automatically assume they were), recklessness, or negligence. The possibility that they were due to factors *entirely* outside the control of the Co$, however, is simply not realistic. It would require an incredible sequence of freak circumstances.