Note to Gold Base / Hemet

From: (Shy David
Subject: Note to Gold Base / Hemet
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 23:04:28 GMT
Organization: Worldwide Church of HTTP://WWW.XENU.NET
Message-ID: <>

Dear Ken Hoden.

Concerning cause and effect. The more you harass Keith Henson, the more he will protest your crimes and human rights abuses. How is it that you have not understood this simple fact? If you had left him alone, he would not be one of your PR nightmares. I suspect that if you cease your harassment of him, he would decrease or even hault his protests against your crimes and human rights abuses. Can you not understand this? Has Hubbard's "tech" so very much clouded your grasp of the obvious?

Keith is also a good guy. I've seen him at work protesting your human rights abuses and crimes---- he's like a relentless machine: still fully human and with all the human kindness and warmth a machine lacks, but with the same dogged determination of a machine set upon a task that will not be haulted. Your harassment of him merely fuels that machine-like nature of his protests and opposition to your abuses.

I point out to you that Keith is a "good guy" because there is a quality that all good men and women posess: when they see a problem that needs fixing, they set out to fix it. Not out of a sense of ego; not out of a sense of gaining any recognition or respect from their peers; not out of threats if they do not fix the problem--- but from the fact that problems that cause harm should be corrected just because that is the thing to do. It is built into the DNA of good women and men. You cannot harass it out of them; you cannot sue it out of them.

Have you any comprehension of the spirit and dedication of the man you chose to attack? When you pissed in has sandbox, did you not even pause first to consider the consequences of attacking him?

The thing is, there are hundreds of thousands of people just like Keith Henson. They are being educated about the crimes and human rights abuses of your organization. They are waking up to this problem that needs fixing; they are turning their attention to stare at you. You may believe that Keith Henson is a Public Relations nightmare for you, but just look at the growing crowd of good people just like him who can no longer ignore your abuses. Multiply Keith Henson's effectiveness by fifty for the year 2001; multily it by 1000 for year 2002; by 5,000 for year 2003---- good people stepping forward who feel as Keith does: the abuse must stop!

You have a golden opportunity here. It's so simple, but you may not have even thought of the solution to the dreaded Keith Henson / Good People public relations nightmare you are facing and will face with increasing intensity.

The solution is to cease your human rights abuses; cease your crimes; put an end to your policy of harassment and intimidation; cease using the justice system to hurt innocent people. In short, STOP BREAKING THE LAW: not just the word of the law, but the spirit behind it. Conceed the fact that each human being has the right to live free from harassment when harassment is not warrented and unjustifiable.

If you did these things; if you allowed this solution to work for you, you would see Keith Henson dissapear; protesters would go home; picketers would just walk away; web pages would vanish off the internet by the hundreds of thousands; the Lisa McPherson Trust would close its doors forever; this newsgroup would be used by Scientologists to discuss the Tech of Scientology, and not used by ex-Scientologists and non-Scientologists to discuss the crimes and abuses of Scientology Inc.

Give it a thought, Okay?