v More about Stacey Myer / Moxon. E-mail just received.
More about Stacey Myer / Moxon. E-mail just received.

From: Anti-Cult - www.users.wineasy.se/noname/ <The.Galactic.Federation@ThePentagon.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 00:05:58 +0200
Message-ID: <35ikmscnlueo9d3phl2hhkij1dad8jubk2@ARSCC.Sweden.Dep.OSA.Surveillance>

I just got an E-mail from a person that I believe wants this info known. The person in question only asks me to keep certain information that could reveal its identity secret. I have XX'ed a few parts, and left out one part that might identify this person.

I can post the following though, from the E-mail.

Fist the part from an article I previously posted today, and then as usual the reply.

> Is it true that Stacey Myer, the young girl that was electrocuted in a transformer vault, at the
> scientology compound outside of Hemet California, actually was the daughter of scientology top
> lawyer Kendrick Moxon of the law firm of Moxon & Kobrin?


It probably *is* her.

When I was in the Sea Org in the mid XXs, I was in a service org in XX. My org recruiter was hot and heavy trying to recruit Stacey Moxon. She was around 15 at the time. Her father threw an absolute fit and said she couldn't join until she was older. So we gave up. Then she got ripped by the CMO. So at 15 she was in the CMO.

I have no idea what happened to her after that. I think she wound up in CMO IXU at the time (this is CMO Int's unit that is housed in LA). She probably *did* wind up going uplines.

The age is right. The name is right. It probably *is* her.

That is *so sad*. She was a very nice, very sweet girl.

Please keep my personal details of this info confidential.