Transformer Vault = Chain Locker Room

Message-ID: <>
From: Roland <>
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 09:27:30 +0100

Could somebody please write the police department concerning Stacy Meyer's death and point out the parallels between the chain locker room and the transformer vault where Stacy Meyer was electrocuted. Tell them you have reason to believe the transformer vault was being used to contain people as a punishment in the same way Hunbbard used the chain locker room aboard the Appolo. In whicgh case this is not accidental death but rather corporate manslaughter. Tell them to look for traces of urine on the floor - not just from Stacy Meyer. If they get that evidence then a *real* inquiry can begin.

I'm in the uK so it is difficult for me to inform the police. Someone at your end will have to do it. Preferable someone living in the same county.