Message-ID: <>
From: Roland <>
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 19:43:32 +0100

I have received some very useful information about the Hemet base and its transformer vault. thsi leads me to the inescapable conclusion that Stacy Meyer was put down the transformer vault as punishment. And I believe it could be due to Miscavige being extremely angry with Moxon over something and that he took it out on his daughter (at least) to indicate his displeasure. Will people please contact the police department about this and tell them you have grounds to elieve this if you follow my argument and actually do believe it is possibly true.

The transformer vault has three transformers in it and supplies power to a few buildings including the RTC building. That same area has the wiring for the emergency electricity supply in it as well as the relays for the system of underground microphones around the base perimeter. That makes it a very high security area and would be staffed as such and it would be impossible for any person to gain access without being challenged. To get to the transformer vault you would have to get through a locked gate to start with. Then you would have to remove the locked manhole cover. You would then have to lift it before you could go inside and it is too heavy for a young woman to lift (and indeed most men to lift) on their own. For Stacy Meyer to gain access to that vault would have been impossible.

It has been suggested that this be part of planned work to clean out the vault since mud could accumulate there over the years. But to do this there should have been a planned power outage for all these buildings before anyone would be allowed access to the vault and then there wuld have to be the chief electrician present. If Stacy died in these circumstances then the cult would have said so and produced the proof that this work was planned. But instead we get the story that she got in there looking for why some squirrels on the base had died.

When the base contacted the authorities it was the fire department and they said they had a car on fire. When the fire department turned up they said they had a body in the vault. Now it seems to me that what they had planned to do was remove Stacy's body from the vault and place it in a car they intended to set light to. But they found it was too dangerous to remove Stacy's body from the vault and so it had to stay there and so they had to change their story. I invite you to read the police records of this.

My version of what might have happened goes like this and if you feel it makes more sense than the official explanation then I would urge you to write to the police department about this and demand that action be taken:

Miscavige gets pissed with Moxon big time because he feels he is being put in danger through some legal process. He contacts Moxon by phone and screams at him and swaers and threatens him saying something like "I'll show you what I can do". he then demands the RPF's MAA to lock Stacy in the transformar vault overnight. They open the gate and they unlock and lift the manhole cover and she is put inside and the manhole cover replaced. Because she is there for a number of hours she needs to urinate but there is nobody going to let her out. Because of the lack of oxygen in there she probably has to stand holding on to the ladder to keep her head where the oxygen is. She does not want to urinate where she is standing so she goes over to the wall. It is pitch dark so she cannot see what she is urinating on and it is one or more power cables. This would have electrocuted her and burnt her body extensively due to the very high conductive path she had given the electricity to follow through her body. The arid smoke and grease wuld have caused extensive covering of the walls and ceiling and some will be on the inside of the manhole cover proving she was incarcerated down there if the police care to due a forensic analysis of the manhole cover (but I think the cult will hav cleaned that off but thoroughly with a wire brush and solvents and repainted it by now).

So they check on her next morning and smoke comes out. They look in and see she has been burnt and that she is dead. Word gets to Miscavige. They decide how they will cover up the fact that she has somehow burned to death. They hatch the plan to set fire to a car and to place her body in it and call the fire brigade. They get the car ready plus gas and plan to carry the body and put it in the car. They send sombody else off to call the fire brigade thinking that they can carry out this plan. The call is made and the fire brigade is on its way only the chief electrician has turned up and tells them there is no way they can move her body without risking electrocution themselves so they leave it there. The fire brigade comes out and then they change their story. They call the sheriff an hour later when they realise they have to leave the body where it is and come up with a different story to cover it up and this is when they conconct the story about her getting in there looking for squirrels.

So do you think my version of the events is the more plausible? You might do. In which case i think it is your duty as citizens to express this view to the police department.

The police need to do forensic analysis of the manhole cover and its lifting tool to determine who lifted it. They need to check the underside of the manhole cover for the same substance that now coats the walls and ceiling. All the manhole covers on the site for that matter. The black coating on the walls and ceiling will be different if the manhole cover was open. the smoke would have got out and covered some of the surfaces outside the manhole. It will be obvious if the smoke were largely contained. They need to check the key of the gate for Stacy's fingerprints. They won't be there proving she could not have got hold it it herself and got inside.

To my thinking, this is a case of manslaughter and illegal imprisonment at least and the cult should pay for it. by ontacting the police and expressing your views you will hopefully see justice done. Could somebody (Phil Scott) be kind enough to append the address, telephone number, fax number and name of the officer dealing with this. If the cult is hit with a hard enough investigation they might get the idea that it is not okay to kill people. If people do nothing then they will kill again and again. Don't let Stacy Meyer die in vain.