Moxon - your daughter

Message-ID: <>
From: Roland <>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 20:48:05 +0100

Moxon - are you going to let a half-man get away with killing your daughter? A spiteful screaming half-man who you upset so he pays you back by taking your daughter's life? Do you believe that crap about her going looking for squirrels? To get to that vault she would have to find the key to a gate and unlock it. She would have to find the key to a manhole cover and unlock it. She would need the strength of two people to lift that manhole cover. And she would have to be invisible as well to get past the Sea Org guards in that high security area. It's just not possible for her to do that.

And if she had done that impossible thing then why would the cult call the fire brigade and say they had a burning car. Why didn't they say that someone had got killed in the transformer vault. Does it not strike you that she shouldn't have been there and they had a plan to cover up? To soak a car in gas, put her charred body in it and set light to it so the fire brigade might conclude she had died in a car fire? The screaming half-man must have thought of that plan and told one of the Sea Org to make that call to the fire department at a specified time. They couldn't touch her body nor get in the vault due to the carbon monoxide from her burnt body and the electricity that would have killed them if they were to try to move her remains. They were praobably pulling back the guy who was told to make that call but he had his orders and dared not disobey. So the fire brigade comes and there is no burning car of course and they say they have a burnt body in the transformer vault. And they take another hour to work out another story before calling the sheriff. Nice little joke that - looking for squirrels. Except it would not be possible for her to get into that vault.

Was this just a freak accident that she died after being put down there? Well consider that the vault would be a carbon dioxide trap. There is not enough air to keep you alive overnight unless you keep you head high by standing up all the time. And she was tired. She needed to use the rest room. If she were to lie down and sleep she would die through lack of oxygen. She couldn't stay syanding up because if she fell asleep she would go staggering across the room and fall on the wiring or touch the transformers and thereby be killed. If she couldn't help but urinate then you have conducting fluid creeping over to the cables which would kill her in an instant. She was sent to her death, Moxon. Your own daughter sent to her death by a screaming, swearing, spitting half-man. The man who pays you that big money to protect his ass from jail. He got angry with you Moxon.

If you were either a father to that woman or a man you would have him in jail by now.