Stacy Meyer's death

Message-ID: <>
From: Roland <>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 10:08:07 +0100

If we are to believe the cult, Stacy Meyer died in a transformer vault looking for the reason why some squirrels on the base had died. It was a "bizarre accident" they claim.

But why would she look into a transformer vault for the cause of death of squirrels? True, the squirrels might have been able to get through the locked gate that guards the transformer vault. But they would not have been able to get through the locked heavy manhole cover that covers the entrance to the vault so why look there? And if you are intent in looking for these squirrels down a vault then would it not be a good idea to take a torch with you? And what about the placement of this transformer vault. It is in a high security area of the base where they have the emergency power supply and the relays for the underground microphones that surround the perimeter fence. This place will be guarded 24 hrs round the clock with armed guards. They are in a state of alert at all times and that place could stop an army unit from entering the base.

There is no way Stacy Meyer could have gotten into that vault. Even if she had gotten hold of the keys and even if she had been invisible to the armed guards then she would not have been able to lift the manhole cover. To suggest she would expect the cause of a squirrels death to be in there in any case is absurd. She would have been better off asking if anyone had put rat poison down anywhere.

And what of the squirrels? Sea Org staff work over 100 hours a week. They do not have time to attend to pets. They are only allowed to see their own children for one hour a day and at that base it may be once a week. The Sea Org staff are either working, sleeping or eating. They do not have time to play with pets.

How did Stacy die in that transformer vault? We know she was electrocuted. She was nearly burnt to death. That degree of burning suggest extremely high conduction and so suggests that she was electrocuted through her own urine. This suggests she was put down there overnight and that the manhole cover was closed over her.

But if this is the case then why would anyone put her down there? What had she done wrong? The answer could be that she is the daughter of the Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon who is messing up a case against Graham Berry and stands to lose the cult $20 million in damages and is at present endangering the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, with criminal prosecution in that he conspired to pervert the course of justice. This is fully explained in a letter from Graham Berry dated 8th August 2000 that was posted to a.r.s. by Keith Henson. David Miscavige must be furious with Kendrick Moxon and scared that through his bungling that he will end up in jail and for a long time.

But as for David Miscavige, is it unthinkable that he would seek to punish the lawyer by punishing his daughter in such a dangerous way? He is a religious leader. Could he be so totalitarian and cruel to the loyal Church staff? Well the answer lies in the many affidavits given in evidence against the cult. The most famous of these is that of Andre Tabayoyon who used to be chief of security on that base when L. Ron Hubbard was alive and when David Miscavige took over. He has many things to say about the dangerous punishments handed out on that base on Miscavige's orders. His affidavit can be found here If you read that you will hear how Miscavige handed out punishments to people even expecting them to die.

And what about how they reported Stacy Meyer's death. The facts show that they called out the fire department saying they had a car on fire. When they turned up they said they had a body in the transformer vault instead. How could there have been such a mix-up? Why didn't they call the police and say they had a body in the transformer vault instead? Well does it not strike you that a body that had been so throroughly electrocuted that it had burnt could be disguised as to the cause of death by putting the body in a car, dousing it with gasoline and then lighting it? Is that what they had carefully planned after they discovered she had died when they came to lift the manhole cover and let her out the next morning? Planned right down to who would make that phonecall to the fire department and when. And coming from Miscavige himself those orders would be carried out to the letter unless they too wanted to receive the same degree of punishment handed out to Stacy Meyer. So the orders are given and Miscavige walks off. They are about to move the body when the Sea Org chief electrician arrives. He tells them that although they have their orders, if they enter the vault they would get killed by carbon monoxide poisoning and if they touch the body then they too will be electrocuted to death. So what's it to be? Risk almost certain death or defy the orders of Miscavige? Must have been a close call put they opted not to move the body. But as for the person told to make that phonecall, his life wasn't under threat and he would rather do as he was told by Miscavige rather than be persuaded not to by his colleagues and so he made that call.

So far the Riverside Sheriff's Office are still treating this case as an accident. Are we going to let Scientology get away with killing a young woman yet again?