post 8-more april comm

From: "Virginia McClaughry" <>
Subject: post 8-more april comm
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:58:04 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Maa S/C April
Virginia McCLaughry CC: RTC Rep S/C Marina
Solo Nots Auditor

Dear April,

I received your letter, thank you.

It was not a good idea for me to have gotten into answering Barbara’s questions re: the withdrawal request, as it is Q and A, not what should be done per Disputed Ethics Chits, and dev-t for you to be a via.

Let’s do what LRH says on this, and keep it simple.

Per the above ref “If in light of the data received, Ethics is satisfied that the chit was incorrectly issued, he/she can return the chit and explanation to the originator asking for the chit to be withdrawn.”

You completed this cycle by sending the request to withdraw the chit to Barbara.

Next “ If the originator decides now to withdraw the chit after seeing the explanation, he returns it to ethics requesting cancellation and Ethics removes the chit from the file. If the originator is dissatisfied with the explanation, the chit should not be withdrawn. The originator sends the despatch and chit back to the Ethics Officer with “To Ethics-File” written on it.

Barbara simply needs to read the explanation, and based only on that decide if the chit was incorrectly issued. Then she chooses an option per above and does it.

This is what needs to occur, so please inform her that per LRH, she needs to make a decision, so that I can know the chit is withdrawn, or not.

As I have stated, the accusations in Barbara’s KR are false, and I want to follow what LRH says on how to get this corrected. Let me know if she does withdraw the KR. Also let me know if she does not withdraw it, so we can do what LRH says to do next to correct this.

Thanks for your help.


Virginia McClaughry